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2014A network pharmacology approach to determine active compounds and action mechanisms of Ge-Gen-Qin-Lian decoction for treatment of Type 2 diabetes.Li H; Zhao L; Zhang B; Jiang Y; Wang X; Guo Y; Liu H; Li S; Tong X
2013A new insight into the impact of different proteases on SILAC quantitative proteome of the mouse liverMa J; Li W; Lv Y; Chang C; Wu S; Song L; Ding C; Wei H; He F; Jiang Y; Zhu Y
2013A tailed primers protocol to identify the association of eNOS gene variable number of tandem repeats polymorphism with ischemic stroke in Chinese Han population by capillary electrophoresisTong Y#; Yin X#; Wang Z#; Zhan F; Zhang Y; Ye J; Hou S; Geng Y; Li Y; Guan X; Jiang Y; Zhang L; Dai J; Mason KA; Liu J; Lu Z; Cheng J
-Activation of decidualinvariant natural killer T cells promotes lipopolysaccharide-induced pretermbirthLi L; Yang J; Jiang Y; Tu J; Schust DJ
2015An improved fluorescence polarization assay in 5'-nuclease reaction for gene promoter methylation detection.Su H; Wu Z; Wang Y; Jiang Y; Qiang S; Cheng H; Liu W; Zhang J
2015Analysisof embCAB mutations associated with ethambutol resistance inmultidrug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates from ChinaZhao LL; Sun Q; Liu HC; Wu XC; Xiao TY; Zhao XQ; Li GL; Jiang Y; Zeng CY; Wan KL
2013Anomalous Hall effect in magnetic disordered alloys: Effects of spin orbital couplingMa L; He P; Gao WB; Zhou SM; Shi Z; Miao J; Jiang Y
2014Anti-hepatoma human single-chain Fv antibody and adriamycin onjugates with potent antitumor activityChen L; Liu YH; Li YH; Jiang Y; Xie PL; Li GC
2015Antimicrobial and osteogenic properties of silver-ion-implanted stainless steelQin H; Cao H(曹辉亮); Zhao Y; Jin G; Cheng M; Wang J; Jiang Y; An Z; Zhang X; Liu X.
2015Arsenic Trioxide Negatively Affects Echinococcus granulosusJiang Y; Wang B; Wang Z; Li F; Xing G; Peng X; Zhang S; Lv H
2015Assessment of irrigation performance and water productivity in irrigated areas of the middle Heihe River basin using a distributed agro-hydrological modelJiang Y; Xu X; Huang QZ; Huo ZL; Huang GH
2013Assessment of yield advantages of Bt-MH63 with cry1C* or cry2A* genes over MH63 (Oryza sativa L.) under different pest control modes.Jiang Y; Pan SG; Cai ML; Li CF; Zhan M; Wang JP; Wang BF; Mohamed I; Cao CG
2013Bi-layer collagen/microporous electrospun nanofiber scaffold improves the osteochondral regenerationZhang S; Chen L; Jiang Y; Cai Y; Xu G; Tong T; Zhang W; Wang L; Ji J; Shi P; Ouyang HW
2015Carbon and nitrogen dynamics in soil aggregates under long-term N and water addition in a temperate steppeWang RZ; Dungait JAJ; Creamer CA; Cai JP; Li B; Xu ZW; Zhang YG; Ma YN; Jiang Y
2014CCR7 guides migration of mesenchymal stem cell to secondary lymphoid organs: a novel approach to separate GvHD from GvL effectLi H; Jiang Y; Jiang X; Guo X; Ning H; Li Y; Liao L; Yao H; Wang X; Liu Y; Zhang Y; Chen H; Mao N
2015Characterization of annexin A2 in chicken follicle development: Evidence for its involvement in angiogenesisZhu G; Chen X; Mao Y; Kang L; Ma X; Jiang Y
2013Characterization of physiochemical and biological properties of spherical protein crystals for sustained releaseShi K; Bi H; Jiang Y
2015Contrasting pH buffering patterns in neutral-alkaline soils along a 3600 km transect in northern ChinaLuo WT; Nelson PN; Li MH; Cai JP; Zhang YY; Zhang YG; Shan Y; Wang RZ; Wang ZW; Wu YN; Han XG; Jiang Y
2015Discovery of serum metabolites for diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment to Alzheimer's disease progression using an optimized metabolomics methodLiang Q(#); Liu H; Zhang T; Jiang Y; Xing H; Zhang A()
2015Distinct deformational history of two contrasting tectonic domains in the Chinese Altai: Their significance in understanding accretionary orogenic processZhang Jian(#); Sun Min; Schulmann K; Zhao G; Wu Q; Jiang Y; Guy A; Wang Y