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2015A porous Co(OH)2 material derived from MOF template and its superior energy storage performances for supercapacitorsZifeng Wang; Yushan Liu; Chengwei Gao; Hao Jiang; Jianmin Zhang
2015Analysis and simulation of entirely saturated unilateral laser spot tails in BCCDZhen Zhang; Menglian Zhou; Deyan Cheng; Jianmin Zhang
2015Colloid electrostatic self- assembly synthesis of SnO2/graphene nanocomposite for supercapacitorsYankun Wang; Yushan Liu; Jianmin Zhang
2014Establishment of a novel triple-transgenic mouse: conditionally and liver-specifically expressing hepatitis C virus NS3/4A proteaseHaiyun Lan; Ya Zhao; Jing Yang; Mengning Sun; Yingfeng Lei; Min Yao; Xiaojun Huang; Jianmin Zhang; Zhikai Xu; Xin Lv; Wen Yin
-Evolution of pressure and cavitation on side-walls affected by lateral divergence angleand opening of radial gateShuai Li; Jianmin Zhang; Weilin Xu; Jiangang Chen; Yong Peng
2015Fabrication of Fe3O4@reduced graphene oxide composite via novel colloid electrostatic self-assembly process for removal of contaminants from waterJie Ding; Baojun Li; Yushan Liu; Xiaoshe Yan; Sha Zeng; Xudong Zhang; Lifen Hou; Qiang Cai; Jianmin Zhang
2015Fabrication of magnetic irregular hexagonal-Fe3O4 sheets/reduced graphene oxide composite for supercapacitorsFangfang Yan; Jie Ding; Yushan Liu; Zeng Wang; Qiang Cai; Jianmin Zhang
2016Lattice Boltzmann Model Using Two-Relaxation-Time for Shallow Water EquationsY. Peng; Jianmin Zhang; J. G. Zhou
2014Low-frequency stimulation inhibits epileptogenesis by modulating the early network of the limbic system as evaluated in amygdala kindling modelYi Wang; Zhenghao Xu; Hui Cheng; Yi Guo; Cenglin Xu; Shuang Wang; Jianmin Zhang; Meiping Ding; Zhong Chen
2015Nitrogen-doped graphene aerogels as anode materials for lithium-ion battery: Assembly and electrochemical propertiesJingke Meng; Yang Suo; Jie Li; Guangping Zheng; Yushan Liu; Jianmin Zhang; Xiucheng Zheng
2015Optimized synthesis of LiFePO4 composites via rheological phase assisted method from FePO4 with acetic acid as dispersantYuanchao Li; Guangwei Geng; Jinghao Hao; Jianmin Zhang; Changchun Yang; Baojun Li
2012Relationship between Concentration Difference of Different Density Lipoproteins and Shear Stress in AtherosclerosisWei Meng; Fengxu Yu; Huaiqing Chen; Jianmin Zhang; Eryong Zhang; Yingqiang Guo; Yingkang Shi
2010Response of Two-Dimensional Polymeric Cadmium Ferrocenyl Disulfonates to Heavy Metal IonsLiwei Mi; Weihua Chen; Zhen Li; Yaming Wang; Guoqiang Zheng; Yingguo Zhou; Changchun Yang; Jianmin Zhang; Changyu Shen; Hongwei Hou
2017Second Order Oscillation Mode Study of Hydropower System based on Linear Elastic Model and Modal Series MethodHuimin Gao(#)(); Xiaogao Xie; Jianmin Zhang; Chenxi Wu; Kai Sun
2010Self-assembly of a Sandwich-like Cadmium Ferrocenyl Coordination Polymer and its Third-Order Nonlinear Optical PropertiesLiwei Mi; Weihua Chen; Changyu Shen; Yaming Wang; Jianmin Zhang; Hongwei Hou
2015SnO2@reduced graphene oxide composite for high performance lithium-ion batteryYankun Wang; Jie Ding; Yanhui Liu; Yushan Liu; Qiang Cai; Jianmin Zhang
2015Sox4 Expression Confers Bladder Cancer Stem CellProperties and Predicts for Poor Patient OutcomeHe Shen; Maxime Blijlevens; Lirui Zhang; Jianmin Zhang
2015Tuning magnetic properties of CrS2 monolayer by doping transition metal and alkaline-earth atomsJianmin Zhang; Huiling Zheng; Ruilin Han; Xiaobo Du; Yu Yan