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2016Effect of Mn substitution on the promoted formaldehyde oxidation over spinel ferrite: Catalyst characterization, performance and reaction mechanismPeng Liu; Xiaoliang Liang; Hongping He; Gaoling Wei; Feihong Qi; Fuding Tan; Wei Tan; Jianxi Zhu; Runliang Zhu
2012Heterogeneous UV/Fenton degradation of TBBPA catalyzed by titanomagnetite: Catalyst characterization, performance and degradation productsYuanhong Zhong; Xiaoliang Liang; Yin Zhong; Jianxi Zhu; Sanyuan Zhu; Peng Yuan; Hongping He; Jing Zhang
2015Natural Magnetite: an efficient catalyst for the degradation of organic contaminantHongping He; Yuanhong Zhong; Xiaoliang Liang; Wei Tan; Jianxi Zhu; Christina Yan Wang
2014Silylation of Al13-intercalated montmorillonite with trimethylchlorosilane and their adsorption for Orange IIZonghua Qin; Peng Yuan; Shuqin Yang; Dong Liu; Hongping He; Jianxi Zhu
2011Silylation of layered double hydroxides via an induced hydrolysis methodQi Tao; Jianxi Zhu; R. Mark Wellard; Thor E. Bostrom; Ray L. Frost; Peng Yuan; Hongping He
2013Silylation of montmorillonite surfaces: Dependence on solvent natureLinna Su; Qi Tao; Hongping He; Jianxi Zhu; Peng Yuan; Runliang Zhu
2013The effect of transition metal substitution on the catalytic activity of magnetite in heterogeneous Fenton reaction: In interfacial viewXiaoliang Liang; Zisen He; Yuanhong Zhong; Wei Tan; Hongping He; Peng Yuan; Jianxi Zhu; Jing Zhang
2015The non-micellar template model for porous clay heterostructures: A perspective from the layer charge of base clayYuebo Wang; Xiaoli Su; Xiaoqin Lin; Ping Zhang; Ke Wen; Jianxi Zhu; Hongping He
2015The oxidation state and microstructural environment of transition metals (V, Co, and Ni) in magnetite: an XAFS studyXialiang Liang; Zisen He; Wei Tan; Peng Liu; Jianxi Zhu; Jing Zhang; Hongping He