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2015Altered resting-state functional connectivity of the amygdala in Chinese earthquake survivorsXiaoyu Zhang; Jianxin Zhang; LiWang; RuiLi; WencaiZhang
2015Ba9Lu2Si6O24:Ce3+: An Efficient Green Phosphor with High Thermal and Radiation Stability for Solid-State LightingYongfu Liu; Jianxin Zhang; Changhua Zhang; Jingtao Xu; Guoqiang Liu; Jun Jiang; Haochuan Jiang
2015Belief in a just world mediates the relationship between institutional trust and life satisfaction among the elderly in ChinaZhen Zhang(#)(); Jianxin Zhang
2011Comparing alternative factor models of PTSD symptoms across earthquake victims and violent riot witnesses in China: Evidence for a five-factor model proposed by Elhai et al. (2011)Li Wang; Jianxin Zhang; Zhanbiao Shi; Mingjie Zhou; Zhongquan Li; Kan Zhang; Zhengkui Liu; Jon D.Elhai
2011Confirmatory factor analysis of posttraumatic stress symptoms assessed by the Impact of Event Scale-Revised in Chinese earthquake victims: Examining factor structure and its stability across sexLi Wang; Jianxin Zhang; Zhanbiao Shi; Mingjie Zhou; Duan Huang; Ping Liu
2013The Critical Resolved Shear Stress for Twinning in a Modern Single Crystal Ni-Based Superalloy TMS-82<SUP>†</SUP>Fei Sun; Jianxin Zhang; Hiroshi Harada
2014Deformation twinning and twinning-related fracture in nickel-base single-crystal superalloys during thermomechanical fatigue cyclingFei Sun; Jianxin Zhang; Hiroshi Harada
2012The dimensionality of PTSD symptoms and their relationship to health-related quality of life in Chinese earthquake survivorsLi Wang; Chengqi Cao; Richu Wang; Jianxin Zhang; Zhongquan Li
2013Discovery of Early Paleozoic eclogite from the East Kunlun, Western China and its tectonic significanceFancong Meng; Jianxin Zhang; Meihui Cui
2015Dislocation configurations and stress distribution along the transverse axis of turbine blade bodyXianzi Lv; Fei Sun; Jinyan Tong; Shu Zhang; Qiang Feng; Jianxin Zhang
2010An easy fabrication of monodisperse oleic acid-coated Fe"3O"4 nanoparticlesDi Li; Deli Jiang; Min Chen; Jimin Xie; Yinyin Wu; Shengchun Dang; Jianxin Zhang
2014Etiological heterogeneity of symptom dimensions of adolescent depressionJie Chen; Jing Yu; Leilei Zhang; Xinying Li; Jianxin Zhang
-Genetic and environmental contributions to anxiety among Chinese children and adolescents – a multi-informant twin studyJie Chen; Jing Yu; Xinying Li; Jianxin Zhang
2012High resolution transmission electron microscopy studies of σ phase in Ni-based single crystal superalloysFei Sun; Jianxin Zhang; Pan Liu; Qiang Feng; Xiaodong Han; Shengcheng Mao
2015Insights triggered by textual micro-counseling dialogues of restructuring orientation in experts and studentsFei Yu; Wencai Zhang; Zhijie Zhang; Jianxin Zhang; Jing Luo
2015Kink structures induced in nickel-based single crystal superalloys by high-Z element migrationFei Sun; Jianxin Zhang; Shengcheng Mao; Ying JIang; Qiang Feng; Zhenju Shen; Jixue Li; Ze Zhang; Xiaodong Han
2014Large stress concentrations around micropore near a crack-tip induced deformation twinning in Ni-based single crystal superalloyFei Sun; Shu Zhang; Sugui Tian; Jianxin Zhang; Hiroshi Harada
2013Lateral cavity photonic crystal surface emitting laser based on commercial epitaxial waferYufei Wang; Hongwei Qu; Wenjun Zhou; Aiyi Qi; Jianxin Zhang; Lei Liu; Wanhua Zheng
2015Microstructural evolution and deformation features in gas turbine blades operated in-serviceFei Sun; Jinyan Tong; Qiang Feng; Jianxin Zhang
2013Neural mechanism of placebo effects and cognitive reappraisal in emotion regulationWencai Zhang; Jianyou Guo; Jianxin Zhang; Jing Luo