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2013Comparison of mesenchymal stem cells derived from gingival tissue and periodontal ligament in different incubation conditionsYang H; Gao LN; An Y; Hu CH; Jin F; Zhou J; Jin Y; Chen FM
2016Fabrication of magnetic nanoparticles armed with quaternarized N-halamine polymers as recyclable antibacterial agentsWang X(#); Xiang Q; Cao W; Jin F; Peng X; Hu B; Xing X()
2017Facile synthesis of cationic polymer functionalized nanodiamond with high dispersity and antibacterial activityCao WW(#); Peng XF; Chen XQ; Wang X; Jin F; Li Q; Chen HN; Jiang C; Ye ZW; Xing XD()
2014High maternal serum estradiol environment in the first trimester is associated with the increased risk of small-for-gestational-age birth.Hu XL; Feng C; Lin XH; Zhong ZX; Zhu YM; Lv PP; Lv M; Meng Y; Zhang D; Lu XE; Jin F; Sheng JZ; Xu J; Huang HF
2015Icariin decreases both APP and Aβ levelsand increases neurogenesis in the brain of Tg2576 miceLi F; Dong HX; Gong QH; Wu Q; Jin F; Shi JS
2015Manganese superoxide dismutase is required to maintain osteoclast differentiation and function under static force.Guo T; Zhang LQ; Konermann A; Zhou H; Jin F; Liu WJ(通讯作者)
2015NFκB up-regulation of glucose transporter 3 is essential for hyperactive mammalian target of rapamycin-induced aerobic glycolysis and tumor growth.Zha X; Hu Z; Ji S; Jin F; Jiang K; Li C; Zhao P; Tu Z; Chen X; Di L; Zhou H; Zhang H.
2012Preimplantation and prenatal genetic diagnosis for androgen insensitivity syndrome resulting from a novel deletion/insertion mutationYe Y; Cong P; Yu P; Qi M; Jin F
2014Preimplantational genetic diagnosis and mutation detection in a family with duplication mutation of DMD geneYe Y; Yu P; Yong J; Zhang T; Wei X; Qi M; Jin F
2014Preimplantational Genetic Diagnosis and Mutation Detection in a Family with Duplication Mutation of DMD GeneYe Y.; Yu P.; Yong J.; Zhang T.; Wei X.; Qi M.; Jin F
2015Small-volume vitrification for human spermatozoa in the absence of cryoprotectants by using CryotopChen Y; Li L; Qian Y; Xu C; Zhu Y; Huang H; Jin F; Ye Y
2014SUZ12 is involved in progression of non-small cell lung cancer by promoting cell proliferation and metastasisLiu C; Shi X; Wang L; Wu Y; Jin F; Bai C; Song Y
-The p53/miR-17/Smurf1 pathway mediates skeletal deformities in an age-related model via inhibiting the function of mesenchymal stem cellsLiu WJ; Qi M; Konermann A; Zhang LQ; Jin F; Jin Y
2012Transgenerational glucose intolerance with Igf2/H19 epigenetic alterations in mouse islet induced by intrauterine hyperglycemiaDing GL; Wang FF; Shu J; Tian S; Jiang Y; Zhang D; Wang N; Luo Q; Zhang Y; Jin F; Leung PC; Sheng JZ; He-Feng Huang