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2008A Business Process Intelligence System for Enterprise Process Performance ManagementTan, W A; Shen, W; Xu, L; Zhou, B; Li, L
2009Circularly-polarised four rhombic loop antennas with high gain and broad beamBai, X.; Zhang, X.M.; Yang, Q.; Wang, Y.H.; Li, L
2007Deployable membrane structure based on the Bennett linkageYu, Y; Luo, Y; Li, L; Yu, Y; Luo, Y; Li, L
2015Efficacy of insect-resistance Bt/CpTI transgenesin F5–F7 generations of rice crop–weed hybrid progeny: implications forassessing ecological impact of transgene flowYang X.; Li, L; Cai, XX; Wang, F; Su, J; Lu, B.-R
2012Inhibitory effect of silibinin on EGFR signal-induced renal cell carcinoma progression via suppression of the EGFR/MMP-9 signaling pathway.Liang, L; Li, L; Zeng, J; Gao, Y; Chen, Y-L; Wang, Z-Q; Wang, X-Y; Chang, L S; He, D
2013Non-thermal plasma assisted LKMO catalyst approach to NOx removal in diesel engine emissionsWang, P; Cai, Y X; Lei, L L; Li, L
2012Observation on photoluminescence evolution in 300 keV self-ion implanted and annealed siliconYang, Y; Bao, J M; Jin, Y X; Li, L; Yang, J; Wang, C
2009Pancreatitis-Associated Protein Inhibits Human Pancreatic Stellate Cell MMP-1 and -2, TIMP-1 and -2 Secretion and RECK ExpressionLi, L; Bachem, M G; Zhou, S; Sun, Z; Chen, J; Siech, M; Bimmler, D; Graf, R
2015Proteome Analysis of Renoprotection Mediated by a NovelCyclic Helix B Peptide in Acute Kidney Injury<strong>Yang, C</strong>; Liu, J; Li, L; Hu, M; Long, Y; Liu, X; Zhu, T; Huang, X; Zhao, S; Liu, S; Rong, R
2015Proteome Analysis of Renoprotection Mediated by a NovelCyclic Helix B Peptide in Acute Kidney InjuryLong, Y.-Q.Yang, C(#); Liu, J; Li, L; Hu, M; <b>Long, Y.-Q.</b>; Liu, X; Zhu, T(); Huang, X; Zhao, S; Liu, S; Rong, R()
2014Serum-stabilized naked caspase-3 siRNA protects autotransplant kidneys in a porcine modelYang, C; Zhao, T; Zhao, Z; Jia, Y; Li, L; Zhang, Y; Song, M; Rong, R; Xu, M; Nicholson, M. L.; Zhu, T; Yang, B
2013Simplified Adaptive Spatial Modulation for Limited-Feedback MIMO SystemsYang, P; Xiao, Y; Yu, Y; Li, L; Tang, Q; Li, S
2009Spatial structures of magnetic depression in the Earth''s high-altitude cusp: Cluster multipoint observationsShi, Q Q; Pu, Z Y; Soucek, J; Zong, Q-G; Fu, S Y; Xie, L; Chen, Y; Zhang, H; Li, L; Xia, L D; Liu, Z X; Lucek, E; Fazakerley, A N; Reme, H
2012Steering plasmon beam from a point sourceLi, L; Li, T; Wang, S. M.; Zhu, S. N.
2015The use of propranolol in the treatment of infantile haemangiomas: an update on potential mechanisms of action.Ji, Y; Chen, S; Xu, C; Li, L; Xiang, B