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20143D-FEM Numerical Simulation of Ground Surface Displacement due to Short-distance Multi-line Overlapped Shield TunnelingLi, L.; Zhang, M. X.
20143D-FEM Numerical Simulation of Ground Surface Displacement due to Short-distance Multi-line Overlapped Shield TunnelingLi, L.; Zhang, M. X.
2015Ainsliadimer A selectively inhibits IKKα/β by covalently binding a conserved cysteineDong, T.; Li, C.; Wang, X.; Dian, L.; Zhang, X.; Chen, X.; Li, L.; Cao, R.; Huang, N.; He, S.; Lei, X.
2015Autoregulatory loop between TGF-beta 1/miR-411-5p/SPRY4 and MAPK pathway in rhabdomyosarcoma modulates proliferation and differentiation<strong>Sun, M.</strong>; Huang, F.; Yu, D.; Zhang, Y.; Xu, H.; Zhang, L.; Li, L.; Dong, L.; Guo, L.; Wang, S.
2015Bilingualism alters brain functional connectivity between “control” regions and “language” regions: evidence from bimodal bilingualsLi, L.; Abutalebi, J.; Zou, L.; Yan, X.; Liu, L.; Feng, X.; Wang, R.; Guo, T.; Ding, G.
2011Binning Optimization for Transparently-Latched CircuitsGong, M.; Zhou, H.; Li, L.; Tao, J.; Zeng, X
2011Carbon Nanotube Yarns for Deep Brain Stimulation ElectrodeJiang, C.; Li, L.; Hao, H
2013Contact-Length-Dependent Contact Resistance of Top-Gate Staggered Organic Thin-Film TransistorsWang, H.; Li, L.; Ji, Z.; Lu, C.; Guo, J.; Wang, L.; Liu, M
2013Converting surface plasmon to spatial Airy beam by graded grating on metal surfaceTang, X. M.; Li, L.; Li, T.; Wang, Q. J.; Zhang, X. J.; Zhu, S. N.; Zhu, Y. Y.
2013Design of a polymer ligand for the one-step preparation of highly stable fluorescent Ag-5 clusters for tissue labelingLi, L.; Guo, Q.; Li, J.; Yan, W.; Leng, C.; Tang, H.; Lu, Q.; Tan, B.
2012Direct observation of guided-mode interference in polymer-loaded plasmonic waveguideCheng, Q. Q.; Li, T.; Guo, R. Y.; Li, L.; Wang, S. M.; Zhu, S. N.
2015Doping effects of Sb in FeTe1-xSbx single crystalsWang, X. F.; Zhang, Z. T.; Chen, X. L.; Kan, X. C.; Li, L.; Sun, Y. P.; Zhang, L.; Xi, C. Y.; Pi, L.; Yang, Z. R.; Zhang, Y. H.
2011A Dual Modality System for Simultaneous Fluorescence and Positron Emission Tomography Imaging of Small AnimalsLiu, S.; Zhang, B.; Wang, X.; Li, L.; Chen, Y.; Liu, X.; Liu, F.; Shan, B.; Bai, J
2012Effect of In incorporation parameters on the electroluminescence of blue-violet InGaN/GaN multiple quantum wells grown by metalorganic chemical vapor depositionZhao, D. G.; Jiang, D. S.; Le, L. C.; Wu, L. L.; Li, L.; Zhu, J. J.; Wang, H.; Liu, Z. S.; Zhang, S. M.; Jia, Q. J.; Yang, Hui
2015Effects of dopant concentration on structural and near-infrared luminescence of Nd3+-doped beta-Ga2O3 thin filmsWu, Z.; Bai, G.; Hu, Q.; Guo, D.; Sun, C.; Ji, L.; Lei, M.; Li, L.; Li, P.; Hao, J.; Tang, W.
2012Electric field induced intermediate phase and polarization rotation path in alkaline niobate based piezoceramics close to the rhombohedral and tetragonal phase boundaryFu, Jian; Zuo, Ruzhong; Wu, S. C.; Jiang, J. Z.; Li, L.; Yang, T. Y.; Wang, Xiaohui; Li, Longtu
2012Electrically generated unidirectional surface plasmon sourceWang, L.; Li, T.; Li, L.; Xia, W.; Xu, X. G.; Zhu, S. N.
2013Electrospun Chitosan-graft-PLGA nanofibres with significantly enhanced hydrophilicity and improved mechanical propertyLi, Ai. D.; Sun, Z. Z.; Zhou, M.; Xu, X. X.; Ma, J. Y.; Zheng, W.; Zhou, H. M.; Li, L.; Zheng, Y. F.
2014Epiphytic colonization of Ustilaginoidea virens on biotic and abiotic surfaces implies the widespread presence of primary inoculum for rice false smut diseaseFan, J.; Guo, X. -Y.; Huang, F.; Li, Y.; Liu, Y. -F.; Li, L.; Xu, Y. -J.; Zhao, J. -Q.; Xiong, H.; Yu, J. -J.; Wang, W.
2015Evaluation of common variants in CNR2 gene for bone mineral density and osteoporosis susceptibility in postmenopausal women of Han ChineseZhang, C.; Ma, J.; Chen, G.; Fu, D.; Li, L.; Li, M.