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2012Downregulation of IRS-1 promotes metastasis of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma.Luo, X; Fan, S; Huang, W; Zhai, S; Ma, Z; Li, P; Sun, S-Y; Wang, X
2015Epithelial Cell Polarity Determinant CRB3 in Cancer DevelopmentLi, P; Mao, X; Ren, Y; Liu, P
2008Geochemistry and Sr-Nd isotope systematics of metabasites in the Tunchang area, Hainan Island, South China: implications for petrogenesis and tectonic settingXu, D; Xia, B; Bakun-Czubarow, N; Bachlinski, R; Li, P; Chen, G; Chen, T
2015Humaninorganic mercury exposure, renal effects and possible pathways in Wanshan mercurymining area, ChinaLi, P; Du, B,; Chan, H.M; Feng, X.B
2014IgG4-related disease in a Chinese cohort: a prospective study.Chen, H; Lin, W; Wang, Q; Wu, Q; Wang, L; Fei, Y; Zheng, W; Fei, G; Li, P; Li, Y Z; Zhang, W; Zhao, Y; Zeng, X; Zhang, F
2015Investigating the effect of transcendental meditation on blood pressure: a systematic review and meta-analysis.Bai, Z; Chang, J; Chen, C; Li, P; Yang, K; Chi, I
2009Mercury pollution in Asia: A review of the contaminated sitesLi, P; Feng, X B; Qiu, G L; Shang, L H; Li, Z G
2015miR-199a impairs autophagy and induces cardiac hypertrophy through mTOR activation.Li, Z; Song, Y; Liu, L; Hou, N; An, X; Zhan, D; Li, Y; Zhou, L; Li, P; Yu, L; Xia, J; Zhang, Y; Wang, J; Yang, X
2010A Network Forensics System Bypassing Web Local Encryption BusinessesLi, P; Wang, R Z; Zhang, Y Z; Chen, D W
2013Supervised Graph Embedding for Polarimetric SAR Image ClassificationShi, L.; Zhang, L.; Yang, J.; Zhang, L.; Li, P
2016The effect of surgical and psychological stress on learning and memory function in aged C57BL/6 mice.Zhang, C(#); Li, C; Xu, Z; Zhao, S; Li, P; Cao, J; <b>Mi, W</b>
2007Ultrastructure and morphology of spermatozoa in Chinese sturgeon (Acipenser sinensis Gray 1835) using scanning and transmission electron microscopyWei, Q; Li, P; Psenicka, M; Alavi, S M Hadi; Shen, L; Liu, J; Peknicova, J; Linhart, O