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2014A metabolomics approach for predicting the response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy in cervical cancer patientsHou Y; Yin M; Sun F; Zhang T; Zhou X; Li H; Zheng J; Chen X,; Li C; Ning X; Lou G; Li K
2014A novel mutation in the COL7A1 gene results in a unique phenotype of epidermolysis bullosa pruriginosa.Ni C; Zhang J; Zhang H; Cheng R; Liang J; Li C; Li M; Yao Z
2013ABCC3 as a marker for multidrug resistance in non-small cell lung cancerZhao Y; Lu H; Yan A; Yang Y; Meng Q; Sun L; Pang H; Li C; Dong X; Cai L
2013ABCC3 as a marker for multidrug resistance in non-small cell lung cancer.Zhao yanbin; Lu H; Yan A; Yang Y; Meng Q; Sun L; Pang H; Li C; Dong X; Cai L
2013Aberrant dynamin 2-dependent Na(+)/H(+) exchanger-1 trafficking contributes to cardiomyocyte apoptosis.Li J; Xu L; Ye J; Li X; Zhang D; Liang D; Xu X; Qi M; Li C; Zhang H; Wang J; Liu Y; Zhang Y; Zhou Z; Liang X; Li J; Peng L; Zhu W; Chen YH
2011Aberrant Methylation of Death-Associated Protein Kinase 1 CpG Islands in Myelodysplastic SyndromesWu X.; Liu W.; Tian Y.; Xiao M.; Wu Y.; Li C
2015Acid-responsive PEGylated doxorubicin prodrug nanoparticles for neuropilin-1 receptor-mediated targeted drug delivery.Song H; Zhang J; Wang W; Huang P; Zhang Y; Liu J; Li C; Kong D
2014Acquired cardiomyopathy caused by cardiac Tsc1 deficiencyChen Y; Wang F; Li C; Wang L; Zhang H; Yan H()
2014Activation of GABAB Receptors Ameliorates Cognitive Impairment via Restoring the Balance of HCN1/HCN2 Surface Expression in the Hippocampal CA1 Area in Rats With Chronic Cerebral HypoperfusionLi C. J; Lu Y; Zhou M; Zong X. G; Li C; Xu X. L; Guo L; Lu Q
2016Aldehyde dehydrogenase 2 activation in aged heart improves the autophagy by reducing the carbonyl modification on SIRT1Wu B; Yu L; Wang YS; Wang HT; Li C; Yin Y; Yang JR; Wang ZF; Zheng QS; Ma H
2014Androgen receptor promotes gastric cancer cell migration and invasion via AKT-phosphorylation dependent upregulation of matrix metalloproteinase 9.Zhang BG; Du T; Zang MD; Chang Q; Fan ZY; Li JF; Yu BQ; Su LP; Li C; Yan C; Gu QL; Zhu ZG; Yan M; Liu B.
2015APOEGenotype Affects Cognitive Training Response in Healthy ShanghaiCommunity-Dwelling Elderly IndividualsFeng W; Yokoyama JS; Yu S; Chen Y; Cheng Y; Bonham LW; Wang D; Shen Y; Wu W; Li C
2015Bach is the father of harmony: revealed by a 1/f fluctuation analysis across musical genresWu, D; Kendrick KM; Levitin DJ; Li C; Yao D
2014BCMab1, A Monoclonal Antibody against Aberrantly Glycosylated Integrin alpha 3 beta 1, Has Potent Antitumor Activity of Bladder Cancer In VivoLi C; Yang Z; Du Y; Tang H; Chen J; Hu D; Fan Z
2013Brown adipose tissue transplantation improves whole-body energy metabolism.Liu X; Zheng Z; Zhu X; Meng M; Li L; Shen Y; Chi Q; Wang D; Zhang Z; Li C; Li Y; Xue Y; Speakman JR; Jin W
2015Cbl-b inhibits P-gp transporter function by preventing its translocation into caveolae in multiple drug-resistant gastric and breast cancersZhang Y; Qu XJ; Teng YE; Li Z; Xu L; Liu J; Ma YJ; Fan YB; Li C; Liu SZ; Wang ZN; Hu XJ; Zhang JD; Liu YP
2015CEACAM6 promotes tumor angiogenesis and vasculogenic mimicry in gastric cancer via FAK signaling.Zang M; Zhang Y; Zhang B; Hu L; Li J; Fan Z; Wang H; Su L; Zhu Z; Li C; Yan C; Gu Q; Liu B; Yan M.
2015Celecoxib sensitizes gastric cancer to rapamycin via inhibition of the Cbl-b-regulated PI3K/Akt pathway.Cao YB; Qu JL; Li C; Yang D; Hou KZ; Zheng HC; Liu YP(刘云鹏); Qu XJ
2015Characteristics of hyperpolarization-activated cyclic nucleotide-gated channels in dorsal root ganglion neurons at different ages and sizesHou B; Chen H; Qu X; Lin X; Luo F; Li C
2015Characterization of a novel otubain-like protease with deubiquitination activity from Nosema bombycis (Microsporidia)Wang Y; Dang X; Luo B; Li C; Long M; Li T; Li Z; Pan G; Zhou Z()