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2016Actin evolution in ciliates (Protist,Alveolata) is characterized by high diversity and three duplication eventsYi Z.; Huang L.; Yang R.; Lin X.; Song W.
2016Biochar reduces the bioavailability of di-(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate in soilHe L.; Fan S.; Müller K.; Hu G.; Huang H.; Zhang X.; Lin X.; Che L.; Wang H.()
2015Compressive Sensing and Sparse Decomposition in Precision Machining Process Monitoring: From Theory to ApplicationsZhu K.P.; Lin X.; Li K.; Jiang L.
2016Effect of aging process on adsorption of diethyl phthalate in soils amended with bamboo biocharZhang X.; Sarmah A. K.; Bolan N. S.; He L.(); Lin X.; Che L.; Tang C.; Wang H.()
2015Evolution of the germline actin gene in hypotrichous ciliates: multiple nonscrambled IESs at extremely conserved locations in two urostylidsChen T.; Yi Z.; Huang J.; Lin X.
2017Impact of maternal heat stress in conjunction with dietary zinc supplementation on hatchability,embryonic development, and growth performance in offspring broilersZhu Y. W.(#); Li W. X.; Lu L.; Zhang L. Y.; Ji C.; Lin X.; Liu H. C.; Odle J.; Luo X. G.()
2015Morphology and molecular phylogeny ofthree new oligotrich ciliates (Protozoa, Ciliophora) from the South China Sea.Liu W.; Yi Z.; Lin X.; Li J.; Al-Farraj S.A.; Al-Rasheid K.A.S.; Song W.
2014Morphology, Ontogeny, and Phylogeny ofTwo Brackish Urostylid Ciliates (Protist, Ciliophora, Hypotricha).Chen X.; Miao M.; Ma H.; Al-Rasheid K.A.S.; Xu K.; Lin X.
2012Multiple refocusing in BK9 glass generated by a loosely focused high-intensity femtosecond pulseLiu W.; Lin X.; Pang L.; Song X.
2015Phylogenetic and taxonomic revision of an enigmatic group ofhaptorian ciliates, with establishment of the Kentrophyllidae fam. n.(Protozoa, Ciliophora, Litostomatea, Pleurostomatida).Wu L.; Clamp J.; Yi Z.; Li J.; Lin X.
2015Recognizing the importance of exposure–dose–responsedynamics for ecotoxicity assessment: nitrofurazone-induced antioxidase activityand mRNA expression in model protozoan EuplotesvannusHong Y.; Liu S.; Lin X.; Li J.; Yi Z.; Al-Rasheid, K.A.S.
2015Taxonomy and molecular phylogeny of four Strombidium species, including description of S. pseudostylifer sp. n. (Ciliophora, Oligotrichia).Song Wen; Li J.; Liu W.; Al-Rasheid K.A.S.; Hu X.; Lin X.
2014The Morphology of three Loxophyllum species (Ciliophora, Pleurostomatida) from southern China, L. lembum sp. n., L. vesiculosum sp. n. and L. perihoplophorum Buddenbrock, 1920, with notes on the molecular phylogeny of Loxophyllum.Wu L.; Chen R.; Yi Z.; Li J.; Warren A.; Lin X.
2015Two new brackish ciliates, Amphileptusspiculatus sp. n. and A. bellus sp. n. from mangrove wetlands in southern China, with notes on the molecular phylogeny of the family Amphileptidae (Protozoa,Ciliophora, Pleurostomatida).Wu L.; Yi Z.; Li J.; Warren A.; Lin X.
2015Two new genera of planktonic ciliates and insights into the evolution of the family Strombidiidae (Protista,Ciliophora, Oligotrichia).Liu W.; Yi Z.; Xu D.; Clamp J.; Li J.; Lin X.; Song W.