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2010Casting and Solidification Thermal deformation analysis of the rotating roller in planar flow casting processLiu, H; Chen, W; Chen, Y; Liu, G
2009Catalytic degradation of phenol in sonolysis by coal ash and H2O2/O3Liu, H; Liang, M Y; Liu, C S; Gao, Y X; Zhou, J M
2007Classical physics, including nonlinear media and photonic materials - Metamaterial of rod pairs standing on gold plate and its negative refraction property in the far-infrared frequency regime (4 pages)Wang, F M; Liu, H; Li, T; Dong, Z G; Zhu, S N; Zhang, X
2010Crystal Growth and Electrical Properties of Na0.5Bi0.5TiO3-BaTiO3 Lead-Free Ferroelectric PiezocrystalsChen, C; Zhao, X Y; Liu, H; Ge, W W; Luo, H S; Jiang, X P
2015Decreased autophagy: a major factor for cardiomyocyte death induced by beta1-adrenoceptor autoantibodies.Wang, L; Hao, H; Wang, J; Wang, X; Zhang, S; Du, Y; Lv, T; Zuo, L; Li, Y; Liu, H
2012Effect of long-term winter flooding on the vascular flora in the drawdown area of the Three Gorges Reservoir, ChinaWang Qiang; Yuan XingZhong; Liu, H; Zhang, YW; Cheng ZhongLi; Li Bo
2009Estuarine nutrient loading affects phytoplankton growth and microzooplankton grazing at two contrasting sites in Hong Kong coastal watersChen, B; Liu, H; Landry, M R; Chen, M; Sun, J; Shek, L; Chen, X; Harrison, P J
2007Field induced enhancement in percolation of granular La0·82Sr0·18MnO3Zhang, N.; Liang, D.; Liu, H
2001Finite element implementation of thermal weight function method for calculating transient SIFs of a body subjected to thermal shockLu, YL; Liu, H; Jia, H; Yu, ZQ
2013Ghrelin administration enhances neurogenesis but impairs spatial learning and memory in adult mice.Zhao, Z; Liu, H; Xiao, K; Yu, M; Cui, L; Zhu, Q; Zhao, R; Li, G-D; Zhou, Y
2014High CXC chemokine receptor 4 expression is an adverse prognostic factor in patients with clear-cell renal cell carcinoma.An, H; Xu, L; Zhu, Y; Lv, T; Liu, W; Liu, Y; Liu, H; Chen, L; Xu, J; Lin, Z
2013HLA-B*13:01 and the dapsone hypersensitivity syndrome.Zhang, F-R; Liu, H; Irwanto, A; Fu, X-A; Li, Y; Yu, G-Q; Yu, Y-X; Chen, M-F; Low, H-Q; Li, J-H; Bao, F-F; Foo, J-N; Bei, J-X; Jia, X-M; Liu, J; Liany, H; Wang, N; Niu, G-Y……
2014Jmjd3 is essential for the epigenetic modulation of microglia phenotypes in the immune pathogenesis of Parkinson's disease.Le, W; Tang, Y; Li, T; Li, J; Yang, J; Liu, H; Zhang, X J
2008An outbreak of pig rabies in Hunan province, ChinaJiang, Y; Yu, X; Wang, L; Lu, Z; Liu, H; Xuan, H; Hu, Z; Tu, C
2015p21-activated kinase 1 determines stem-like phenotype and sunitinib resistance via NF-kappaB/IL-6 activation in renal cell carcinoma.Zhu, Y; Liu, H; Xu, L; An, H; Liu, W; Liu, Y; Lin, Z; Xu, J
2015Polycomb-mediated loss of microRNA let-7c determines inflammatory macrophage polarization via PAK1-dependent NF-kappaB pathway.Zhang, W; Liu, H; Liu, W; Liu, Y; Xu, J
2013Seasonal and spatial comparisons of phytoplankton growth and mortality rates due to microzooplankton grazing in the northern South China SeaChen, B.; Zheng, L.; Huang, B.; Song, S.; Liu, H