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201417beta-estradiol protects human eyelid-derived adipose stem cells against cytotoxicity and increases transplanted cell survival in spinal cord injury.Zhou J; Lu P; Ren H; Zheng Z; Ji J; Liu H; Jiang F; Ling S; Heng BC; Hu X; Ouyang HW
2013A critical role for the long non-coding RNA GAS5 in proliferation and apoptosis in non-small-cell lung cancer.Shi X; Sun M; Liu H; Yao Y; Kong R; Chen F; Song Y
2013A Feedback Loop Consisting of MicroRNA 23a/27a and the β-Like Globin Suppressors KLF3 and SP1 Regulates Globin Gene ExpressionMa Y; Wang B; Jiang F; Wang D; Liu H; Yan Y; Dong H; Wang F; Gong B; Zhu Y; Dong L; Yin H; Zhang Z; Zhao H; Wu Z; Zhang J; Zhou J; Yu J
2014A network pharmacology approach to determine active compounds and action mechanisms of Ge-Gen-Qin-Lian decoction for treatment of Type 2 diabetes.Li H; Zhao L; Zhang B; Jiang Y; Wang X; Guo Y; Liu H; Li S; Tong X
2014A regulatory circuit comprising GATA1/2 switch and microRNA-27a/24 promotes erythropoiesisWang F; Zhu Y; Guo L; Dong L; Liu H; Yin H; Zhang Z; Li Y; Liu C; Ma Y; Song Y; He A; Wang Q; Zhang J; Li J; Yu J
2013Activin A inhibits activities of lipopolysaccharide-activated macrophages via TLR4, not of TLR2Li N; Cui X; Ge J; Li J; Niu L; Liu H; Qi Y; Liu Z; Wang Y
2012Allogenous tendon stem/progenitor cells in silk scaffold for functional shoulder repairShen W; Chen J; Yin Z; Chen X; Liu H; Heng BC; Chen W; Ouyang HW
2013An improved workflow for identifying ubiquitin/ubiquitin-like protein conjugation sites from tandem mass spectraXu C; Zhang J; Zhang W; Liu H; Fang J; Xie H
2015Ang-(1-7) promotes the migration and invasion of human renal cell carcinomacells via Mas-mediated AKT signaling pathway.Zheng S; Yang Y; Song R; Yang X; Liu H; Ma Q; Yang L; Meng R; Tao T; Wang S; He J.
2015Antioxidant properties of high-density lipoproteins are impaired in women with polycystic ovary syndromeZhang J; Zhang Y; Liu H; Bai H; Wang Y; Jiang C; Fan P
2015Are past and future symmetric in mental time line?Ding X; Feng N; Cheng X; Liu H; Fan Z
2014Basic fibroblast growth factor promotes stem Leydig cell development and inhibits LH-stimulated androgenproduction by regulating microRNA expressionLiu H; Yang Y; Zhang L; Liang R; Ge RS; Zhang Y; Zhang Q; Xiang Q; Huang Y; Su Z
2015Cell-specific aptamers and their conjugation with nanomaterials for targeted drug deliveryLiao J; Liu H
2014Characterization of Arabidopsis Tubby-like proteins and the redundant function of AtTLP3 and AtTLP9 inplant response toABAand osmotic stressBao Y; Song WM; Jin YL; Jiang CM; Yang Y; Li B; Huang WJ; Liu H; Zhang HX
2013Chimeric repressor of PtSND2 severely affects wood formation in transgenic PopulusWang HH; Tang RJ; Liu H; Chen HY; Liu JY; Jiang XN; Zhang HX
2016Chronic hypoxia facilitates Alzheimer's disease through demethylation of γ-secretase by downregulating DNA methyltransferase 3bLiu H; Qiu H; Yang J; Ni J; Le W
2015Combination of FVIII and low-dose rFVIIa improves haemostasis inacquired haemophilia A patients: a collaborative controlled studyZhang XH; Zhu XL; Niu T; Sun J; Liu H; Feng R; Yang LH; Wei Q; Ma QH; Wang QM; Feng FE; Fu HX; Mo XD; Lv M; Huang XJ
2015Combinatorial microRNAs suppress hypoxia-induced cardiomyocytes apoptosis.Xu Y; Zhu W; Wang Z; Yuan W; Sun Y; Liu H; Du Z
2015Combining quantitative genetics approaches withregulatory network analysis to dissect the complex metabolism of the maizekernelWen W; Liu H; Zhou Y; Jin M; Yang N; Li D; Luo J; Xiao Y; Pan Q; Tohge T; Fernie A; Yan J (严建兵)
2014Computationally characterizing and comprehensive analysis of zinc-binding sites in proteinsLiu Z; Wang Y; Zhou C; Xue Y; Zhao W; Liu H