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2015Bioaccumulation, Biotransformation, andToxicity of BDE-47, 6-OH-BDE-47, and 6-MeO-BDE-47 in Early Life-Stages ofZebrafish (Danio rerio)Liu HL; Tang S; Zheng XM; Zhu YT; Ma ZY; Liu CS; Hecker M; Saunders D; Giesy J; Zhang XW; Yu HX
2015Comparison of waterborne and in ovo nanoinjection exposures to assesseffects of PFOS on Zebrafish embryos.Li YB; Han ZH; Zheng XM; Ma ZY; Liu HL; Giesy J; Xie YW; Yu HX
2015Differentialmodulation of expression of nuclear receptor mediated genes by tris(2-butoxyethyl) phosphate (TBOEP) on early life stages of zebrafish (Daniorerio)Ma ZY; Tang S; Su GY; Miao YQ; Liu HL; Xie YW; Giesy J; Saunders D M.V.; Hecker M; Yu HX
2016Effects of tris(2-butoxyethyl) phosphate (TBOEP) on endocrine axes during development of earlylife stages of zebrafish (Danio rerio)Ma ZY; Yu YJ; Tang S; Liu HL; Su GY; Xie YW; Giesy J; Hecker M; Yu HX
2015Expression of PUMA in Follicular Granulosa Cells Regulated by FoxO1 Activation During Oxidative StressLiu ZQ; Shen M; Wuwj; Li BJ; Weng QN; Li M (李梅); Liu HL
2014Long Noncoding RNAs Expression Profile of the Developing Mouse HeartZhu JG; Shen YH; Liu HL; Liu M; Shen YQ; Kong XQ; Song GX; Qian LM
2016Site-specific water quality criteria for aquaticecosystems: A case study of pentachlorophenol for Tai Lake, China.Chen Y; Yu SY; Tang S; Li YB; Liu HL; Zhang XH; Su GY; Li B; Yu HX; Giesy J
2015The innate immune roles of host factors TRIM5α and Cyclophilin A on HIV-1 replicationKuang YQ; Liu HL; Zheng YT
2014TRB3 Is Involved in Free Fatty Acid-Induced INS-1-Derived Cell Apoptosis via the Protein Kinase C delta PathwayQin J; Fang N; Lou JN; Zhang WJ; Xu SQ; Liu HL; Fang Q; Wang Z; Liu J; Men X; Peng L; Chen L
2014TRIB3 alters endoplasmic reticulum stress-induced beta-cell apoptosis via the NF-kappa B pathwayFang N; Zhang WJ; Xu SQ; Lin H; Wang Z; Liu HL; Fang Q; Li CH; Peng L; Lou JN