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2013A novel missense mutation in the FERM domain containing 7 (FRMD7) gene causing X-linked idiopathic congenital nystagmus in a Chinese familyLiu Z; Mao S; Pu J; Ding Y; Zhang B; Ding M
2016A stereo configuration-activity study of 3-iodo-4-(2-methylcyclohexyloxy)-6-phenethylpyridin-2(2H)-ones as potency inhibitors of HIV-1 variantsWu S; Yin Q; Zhao L; Fan N; Tang X; Zhao J; Sheng T; Guo Y; Tian C; Zhang Z; Xu W; Liu Z; Jiang S; Ma L; Liu J; Wang X
2015A systematic simulationof the effect of salicylic acid on sphingolipid metabolismShi C (时潮); Yin J; Liu Z; Wu J-X; Zhao Q; Ren J; Yao N (姚楠)
2015ABCB1, ABCC2, SCN1A, SCN2A, GABRA1 gene polymorphisms and drug resistant epilepsy in the Chinese Han populationZhou L; Cao Y; Long H; Long L; Xu L; Liu Z; Zhang Y; Xiao B
2015Aberrant elastin remodeling in the lungs of O2-exposed newborn mice primarily results from perturbed interaction between integrins and elastinHan W; (#); Guo C; Liu Q; Yu B; Liu Z; Yang J; Deng C()
2013Activin A inhibits activities of lipopolysaccharide-activated macrophages via TLR4, not of TLR2Li N; Cui X; Ge J; Li J; Niu L; Liu H; Qi Y; Liu Z; Wang Y
2015Acute HIV Infection Is Beneficial for Controlling Chronic Hepatitis BJiao Y#; Li N#; Chen X; Zhang T; Li H; Li W; Huang X; Liu Z; Zhang Y; Wu H
2015Acute HIV Infection Is Beneficial for Controlling Chronic Hepatitis B<b>Jiao Y#</b>(#); Li N#; Chen X; Zhang T; Li H; Li W; Huang X; Liu Z; Zhang Y; Wu H
2015Alterations in heart rate and activity rhythms of three orbital astronauts on a space missionLiu Z; Wan Y; Zhang L; Wang D; Lv K; Wang C; Li Y; Chen X; Chen S; Guo J
2014An intensity ratio of interlocking loops determines circadian period lengthYan J; Shi G; Zhang Z; Wu X; Liu Z; Xing L; Qu Z; Dong Z; Yang L; Xu Y
2016Analysis of the gene expression profile of Staphylococcus aureus treated with nisinZhao X; Meng R; Shi C; Liu Z; Huang Y; Zhao Z; Guo N; Yu L(并列通讯作者)
2016Antibacterial Magnetic Nanoparticles Functionalized with N-Halamine/Quaternary Ammonium Polymer CoatingsChen X(#); Xiang Q; Yong C; Liu Z; Xing X()
2014Association Between MTHFR Polymorphisms and Congenital Heart Disease: A Meta-analysis based on 9,329 cases and 15,076 controls.Xuan C; Li H; Zhao JX; Wang HW; Wang Y; Ning CP; Liu Z; Zhang BB; He GW; Lun LM
2014Characterization of EGFR family geneaberrations in cholangiocarcinoma.Yang X; Wang W; Wang C; Wang L; Yang M; Qi M; Su H; Sun X; Liu Z; Zhang J; Qin X; Bo Han
2015Characterization of genome-wide TFCP2targets in hepatocellular carcinoma: implication of targets FN1 and TJP1 inmetastasis.Xu X; Liu Z; Zhou L; Xie H; Cheng J; Ling Q; Wang J; Guo H; Wei X; Zheng S
2014Clinical significance of the low expression of FER1L4 in gastric cancer patientsLiu Z; Shao Y; Tan L; Shi H; Chen S; Guo J
2015cMyc-mediated activation of serine biosynthesis pathway is critical for cancer progression under nutrient deprivation conditionsSun L(#); Song L; Wan Q; Wu G; Li X; Wang Y; Wang J; Liu Z; Zhong X; He X; Shen S; Pan X; Li A; Wang Y; <b>Gao P</b>(); Tang H(); Zhang H()
2015Comparison of efficacy and safety of conventional laparoscopic radical prostatectomy by the transperitoneal versus extraperitoneal procedureCao D; Liu L; Wei Q; Wang J; Hu Y; Yang L; Liu Z; Li H; Yan SB; Li YX
2014Computationally characterizing and comprehensive analysis of zinc-binding sites in proteinsLiu Z; Wang Y; Zhou C; Xue Y; Zhao W; Liu H
2015Con-T[M8Q] potently attenuates the expression and development of morphine tolerance in miceRen B; Zhou Z; Liu Z; Li B; Ou J; Dai Q