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-An Effective Strategyfor Recapitulating N-terminal Heptad Repeat Trimers in Enveloped Virus SurfaceGlycoproteins for Therapeutic ApplicationsLai, W.; Wang, C.; Yu, F.; Lu, L.; Wang, Q.; Jiang, X.; Xu, X.; Zhang, T.; Wu, S.; Zheng, X.; Zhang, Z.; Dong, F.; Jiang, S.B.; Liu K.L
2012Anthropogenic atmospheric nickel emissions and its distribution characteristics in ChinaTian, H. Z.; Lu, L.; Cheng, K.; Hao, J. M.; Zhao, D.; Wang, Y.; Jia, W. X.; Qiu, P. P.
2014Atmospheric emission inventory of cadmium from anthropogenic sourcesCheng, K.; Tian, H. Z.; Zhao, D.; Lu, L.; Wang, Y.; Chen, J.; Liu, X. G.; Jia, W. X.; Huang, Z.
2015De novo design ofisopeptide bond-tethered triple stranded coiled coils with exceptional resistanceto unfolding and proteolysis: implication fordeveloping antiviral therapeuticsWang, C.; Lai, W.; Yu, F.; Zhang, T.; Lu, L.; Jiang, X.; Zhang, Z.; Xu, X.; Bai, Y.; Jiang, S.B.; Liu K.L
2015Effect of dietary manganese on antioxidant status and expressions of heat-shock proteins and factors in tissues of laying broiler breeders under normal and high temperaturesZhu, Y. W; Lu, L.; Li, W. X.; Zhang, L. Y.; Ji, C.; Xi, L.; Liu, H. C.; Oldle, J.; Luo, X. G.
2015Effects of supplemental zinc source and level on antioxidant ability and fat metabolism-related enzymes of broilersLiu, Z. H.; Lu, L.; Wang, R. L.; Lei, H. L.; Li, S. F.; Zhang, L. Y.; Luo, X. G.
2013Enhanced fatigue resistance of Cu with a gradient nanograined surface layerYang, L.; Tao, N. R.; Lu, K.; Lu, L.
2013Existence of solutions for fractional impulsive differential equations with p-Laplacian operator<strong>Liu, Zhenhai</strong>; Lu, L.; Szanto, I.
2008Iterative inversion of global magnetospheric ion distributions using energetic neutral atom (ENA) images recorded by the NUADU/TC2 instrumentLu, L.; McKenna-Lawlor, S.; Barabash, S.; Kudela, K.; Balaz, J.; Strharsky, I.; Liu, Z. X.; Shen, C.; Cao, J. B.; Brandt, P. C.; Tang, C. L.; Dandouras, I
2015Molecular phylogeny and the underestimated species diversity of the endemic white-bellied rat (Rodentia: Muridae: Niviventer) in Southeast Asia and ChinaLu, L.; Ge, D. Y.; Chesters, D.; Simon Y. W. Ho; Ma Y.; Li G. C.; Wen, Z, X.; Wu, Y. J.; Wang, J.; Xia, L.; Liu, J. L.; Guo, T. Y.; Zhang, X. L.; Zhu, C. D.; Yang, Q. S.; Liu, Q. Y.
2014Reducing dietary loading decreases mouse temporomandibular joint degradation induced by anterior crossbite prosthesisLiu, Y. -D.; Liao, L. -F.; Zhang, H. -Y.; Lu, L.; Jiao, K.; Zhang, M.; Zhang, J.; He, J. -J.; Wu, Y. -P.; Chen, D.; Wang, M. -Q.
2009Revealing the Maximum Strength in Nanotwinned CopperLu, L.; Chen, X.; Huang, X.; Lu, K
2013A Review of Key Hazardous Trace Elements in Chinese Coals: Abundance, Occurrence, Behavior during Coal Combustion and Their Environmental ImpactsTian, H. Z.; Lu, L.; Hao, J. M.; Gao, J. J.; Cheng, K.; Liu, K. Y.; Qiu, P. P.; Zhu, C. Y
2009Strengthening Materials by Engineering Coherent Internal Boundaries at the NanoscaleLu, K.; Lu, L.; Suresh, S
2011A technique for combined dynamic compression-shear testZhao, P. D.; Lu, F. Y.; Chen, R.; Lin, Y. L.; Li, J. L.; Lu, L.; Sun, G. L
2012Technique for Combined Dynamic Compression-Shear Testing of PBXsZhao, P. D.; Lu, F. Y.; Lin, Y. L.; Chen, R.; Li, J. L.; Lu, L.