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2015Adiponectin as a potential tumor suppressor inhibiting epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition but frequentlysilenced in prostate cancer by promoter methylationTan W; Wang L; Ma Q; Qi M; Lu N; Zhang L; Han B
2014Consecutive biochar application alters soil enzyme activities in the winter wheat-growing seasonDu ZL; Wang YD; Huang J; Lu N; Lou XR; Lou YL; Zhang QZ
2015Multifaceted roles of HSF1 in cancerJiang S; Tu K; Fu Q; Schmitt DC; Zhou L; Lu N; Zhao Y
2013Oroxylin A inducesdissociation of hexokinase II from the mitochondria and inhibits glycolysis bySIRT3 mediated deacetylation of cyclophilin D in breast carcinomaWei L; Zhou Y; Dai Q; Qiao C; Zhao L; Hui H; Lu N; Guo QL
2015Oroxylin A inhibits glycolysis-dependent proliferation of human breast cancer via promoting SIRT3-mediated SOD2 transcription and HIF1α destabilizationWei L; Zhou Y; Qiao C; Ni T; Li Z; You Q; Guo Q; Lu N
2015Rsistance to High-Fat diet-induced obesity in male heterozygous Pprc1 knockout miceZhai N; Sun C; Gu W; He X; Shan A; Sun H; Lu N; Cui B; Ning G
2014Stable cell line of human SH-SY5Y uniformly expressing TWIK-related acid-sensitive potassium channel and eGFP fusionLi C; Wei L; Jiang H; Shan L; Li X; Lu N; Wang G; Li D
2014Trade-off analyses of multiple ecosystem services by plantations along a precipitation gradient across Loess Plateau landscapesLu N; Fu BJ; Jin TT; Chang RY
2015Upregulation of Ih expressedin IB4-negative Adnociceptive DRG neurons contributes to mechanical hypersensitivity associatedwith cervical radiculopathic painLiu DL; Lu N; Han WJ; Chen RG; Cong R; Xie RG; Zhang YF; Kong WW; Hu SJ; Luo C