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2013A tailed primers protocol to identify the association of eNOS gene variable number of tandem repeats polymorphism with ischemic stroke in Chinese Han population by capillary electrophoresisTong Y#; Yin X#; Wang Z#; Zhan F; Zhang Y; Ye J; Hou S; Geng Y; Li Y; Guan X; Jiang Y; Zhang L; Dai J; Mason KA; Liu J; Lu Z; Cheng J
2014Allelopathic effects of pyrogallic acid secreted by submerged macrophytes on Microcystis aeruginosa: Role of ROS generationSun X; Lu Z; Liu B; Zhou Q; Zhang Y; Wu Z
2015Analysis of the function of D279N mutation of VP2 of infectious bursal disease virusQi X; Lu Z; Wang N; Chen Y; Zhang L; Gao L; Li K; Ren X; Wang Y; Gao H; Gao Y; Nicolas E; Wang X
2014Association of endothelial nitric oxide synthase gene mini-satellite marker VNTR polymorphism with ischemic stroke in the Chinese Uyghur population.Tong Y#; Zhang Y#; Zhan F#; Wang Z#; Guan XH; Liu J; Yin X; Geng Y; Ye JJ; Hou SY; Liu J; Lu Z; Cheng JQ
2013Association of IL-1 Receptor Antagonist Gene VNTR Polymorphism with Ischemic Stroke in the Chinese Uyghur PopulationTong Y#; Han J#; Guan X#; Lu Z; Miao X; Ye J; Hou SY; Zhang Y; Geng Y; Li Y; Zhan F; Liu J; Cheng JQ
2015Associationof functional genetic variants in ppargamma and pparalpha encoding peroxisomeproliferator-activated receptors with ischemic stroke in a unique chinesepopulationTong Y#; Lu Q#; Zhang Y#; Zhan F#; Cai L#; Guan X; Ying X; Lu Z; Liu J; Liu J
2016Bcl6 Sets a Threshold for Antiviral Signaling by Restraining IRF7 Transcriptional ProgramXu F; Kang Y; Zhuang N; Lu Z; Zhang H; Xu Dakang; Ding Y; Yin H; Shi L.
2014Changes in glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase expression results in altered behavior of HBV-associated liver cancer cells.Hu H; Ding X; Yang Y; Zhang H; Li H; Tong S; An X; Zhong Q; Liu X; Ma L; Liu Q; Liu B; Lu Z; Zhang D; Hu P; Ren H
2015Chondroitin sulphate N-acetylgalactosaminyltransferase-2 contributes to the replication of infectious bursal disease virus via interaction with the capsid protein VP2Zhang L; Ren X; Chen Y; Gao Y; Wang N; Lu Z; Gao L; Qin L; Wang Y; Gao H; Li K; Jiang L; Cui H; Liu C; Zhang Y; Qi X; Wang X
2014Combination of MAP-tau and TUBB3 predicts chemosensitivity of paclitaxel in patients with advanced gastric cancer.Yu J; Gao J; Lu Z; Gong J; Li Y; Dong B; Li Z
2015Cyclophilin A interacts with viral VP4 and inhibits the replication of infectious bursal disease virusWang N; Zhang L; Chen Y; Lu Z; Gao L; Wang Y; Gao Y; Gao H; Cui H; Li K; Liu C; Zhang Y; Qi X; Wang X
2015Deregulation of the MiR-193b-KRAS AxisContributes to Impaired Cell Growth in Pancreatic Cancer.Jin X; Sun Y; Yang H; Li J; Yu S; Chang X; Lu Z; Chen J.
2012Development and Validation of a Tuberculosis Medication Adherence ScaleYin X#; Tu X#; Tong Y; Yang R; Wang Y; Cao S; Fan H; Wang F; Gong Y; Yin P; Lu Z
2015Does the kidney play an important role in the generation of ventricular arrhythmias and sudden cardiac death?Huang B; Lu Z; Jiang H.
2016Effects of lidocaine on regulatory T cells in atopic dermatitis.Li H; Li C; Zhang H; Zhang L; Cheng R; Li M; Guo Y; Zhang Z; Lu Z; Zhuang Y; Yan M; Gu Y; Feng X; Liang J; Yu X; Wang H; Yao Z
2015Elevated miR-483-3pexpression is an early event and indicates poor prognosis in pancreatic ductaladenocarcinoma.Wang C; Sun Y; Wu H; Yu S; Lu Z; Chen J.
2015Enhanced effect of photodynamic therapy in ovarian cancerusing a nanoparticle drug delivery systemLi Z; Sun L; Lu Z; Su X; Yang Q; Qu X; Li L; Song K; Kong B
2015Genetic analysis of the VP2 hypervariable region of thirty-six infectious bursal disease virus isolates in ChinaQi X; Qin L; Gao Y; Gao H; Li Y; Gao L; Lu Z; Wang N; Chen Y; Zhang L; Li K; Wang Y; Wang X
2013Genetic variations of E6 and long control region of human papillomavirus type 16 from patients with cervical lesion in Liaoning, China.Sun Z; Lu Z; Liu J; Wang G; Zhou W; Yang L; Liu C; Wang B; Ruan Q
2014Human infection with West Nile Virus, Xinjiang, China, 2011. Emerg Infect Dis. 2014 Aug;20(8):1421-3.Lu Z; Fu SH; Cao L; Cheng-Jun Tang; Song Zhang; Zhao-Xia Li; Mamutijiang Tusong; Xin-Hua Yao; Hai-Lin Zhang; Pi-Yu Wang; Maimaitijiang Wumaier; Xue-Yan Yuan; Ming-Hua Li……