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2015A novel nitronyl nitroxideswith salicylic acid framework attenuates pain hypersensitivity and ectopicneuronal discharges in radicular low back painHan WJ; Chen L; Wang HB; Liu XZ; Hu SJ; Sun XL; Luo C
2015A role for Kalirin-7 in nociceptive sensitization via activity-dependent modulation of spinal synapsesLu JN; Luo C; Bali KK; Xie RG; Mains RE; Eipper BA; Kuner R
2013Dichloroacetate induces protective autophagy in LoVo cells: involvement of cathepsin D/thioredoxin-like protein 1 and Akt-mTOR-mediated signaling.Gong Fengming; Peng Xingchen; Sang Yaxiong; Qiu M; Luo C; He Zhiyao; Zhao Xia; Tong Aiping
2012Disrupted Functional Brain Connectivity in Partial Epilepsy: A Resting-State fMRI StudyLuo C; Qiu C; Guo Z; Fang J; Qi Fu Li; Lei X; Xia Y; Lai Y; Gong Q; Zhou D; Yao D
2014Expression of latent membrane proteins in Epstein Barr virus-transformed lymphocytes in vitroTang Y; Luo C; Cheng A; Lu S; Xu J; Fu T; Gan R (甘润良)
2016Expression of LMP and EBNA Genes in Epstein–Barr virus-associated lymphomas in Hu-PBL/SCID miceTang Y; Lu S; Gan X; Liu F; Zhang Y; Luo C; Pan Y; Hong L; Gan R (甘润良)
2016Expressionof LMP and EBNA genes in Epstein-Barr virus-associated lymphomas in Hu-PBL/SCIDmiceTang Y(唐运莲); Lu S; Gan X; Liu F(刘芳); Zhang Y; Luo C; Pan Y; Hong L; Gan R
2012Gastrodin inhibits allodynia and hyperalgesia in painful diabetic neuropathy rats by decreasing excitability of nociceptive primary sensory neuronsSun W; Biao M; Wang XC; Duan JH; Ye X; Wang WT; Luo C; Hu SJ
2014High-efficiency broadband and multiband cross-polarization conversion using chiral metamaterialSong K; Liu Y; Luo C; Zhao X
2012Presynaptically localized cyclic GMP-dependent protein kinase 1 is a key determinant of spinal synaptic potentiation and pain hypersensitivityLuo C; Gangadharan V; Bali KK; Xie RG; Agarwal N; Kurejova M; Tappe-Theodor A; Tegeder I; Feil S; Lewin G; Polgar E; Todd AJ; Schlossmann J; Hofmann F; Liu DL; Hu SJ; Feil R……
2012Reduced conduction failure of the main axon of polymodal nociceptive C-fibres contributes to painful diabetic neuropathy in ratsSun W; Miao B; Wang XC; Duan JH; Wang WT; Kuang F; Xie RG; Xing JL; Xu H; Song XJ; Luo C; Hu SJ
2014Synaptic plasticity in pathological painLuo C; Kuner T; Kuner R
2015Upregulation of Ih expressedin IB4-negative Adnociceptive DRG neurons contributes to mechanical hypersensitivity associatedwith cervical radiculopathic painLiu DL; Lu N; Han WJ; Chen RG; Cong R; Xie RG; Zhang YF; Kong WW; Hu SJ; Luo C
2013vitrification of day 3 cleavage-stage embryos yields better clinical outcome in comparison with vitrification of day 2 cleavage-stage embryosChi F; Luo C; Yin P; Hong L; Ruan J; Huang M; Duan T; Tong GQ