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2015A review of the technical and economic evaluation techniques for shale gas developmentYuan J; Luo D; Feng L
2015A review of the technical and economic evaluation techniques for shale gas developmentYuan J; Luo D; <b>Feng L</b>
2015Calsequestrin1 assumes a retrograde role in store-operated Ca2+entry via regulation of STIM1-Orai1 interaction.Wang L, Li S, Zheng Y, Yan X, Chen M, Wang H,; Luo D
2015Enrichment of Minor Alleles of Common SNPs and Improved Risk Prediction for Parkinson's DiseaseZhu Z; Yuan D; Luo D; Lu X; Huang S
2013Epidermal barrier: Adverse and beneficial changes induced by ultraviolet B irradiation depending on the exposure dose and time (Review)Permatasari F; Zhou B; Luo D
2017Fbw7 regulates apoptosis in activated B-cell like diffuse large B-cell lymphoma by targeting Stat3 for ubiquitylation and degradationYao s(#); Xu F(#); Chen Y; Ge Y; Zhang F; Huang H; Li L; Lin D; Luo X; Xu J; Luo D; Zhu X; Liu Y()
2016Misshapen/NIK-related Kinase (MINK1) is involved in platelet function, hemostasis and thrombus formation.Yue M; Luo D; Yu S; Liu P; Zhou Q; Hu M; Liu Y; Wang S; Huang Q; Niu Y; Lu L; Hu Hu
2013Novel VEGF decoy receptor fusion protein conbercept targeting multiple VEGF isoforms provide remarkable anti-angiogenesis effect in vivoWang Q; Li T; Wu Z; Wu Q; Ke X; Luo D; Wang H
2013Palmitic acid induces production of proinflammatory cytokines interleukin-6, interleukin-1β, and tumor necrosis factor-α via a NF-κB-dependent mechanism in HaCaT keratinocytesZhou BR; Zhang JA; Zhang Q; Permatasari F; Xu Y; Luo D
2014pKILLIN: a versatile positive-selection cloning vector based on the toxicity of Killin in Escherichia coli.Ma Z; Luo D; Huang A; Xu Y; Wang Y; Wei Y; Liang P
2015Single-cell transcriptome analyses reveal signals to activate dormantneural stem cellsLuo Yuping; Coskun V; Liang A; Yu J; Cheng L; Ge W; Shi Z; Zhang K; Li C; Cui Y; Lin H; Luo D; Wang J; Lin C; Dai Z; Zhu H; Zhang J; Liu J; Liu H; deVellis J; Horvath S; Sun Yi Eve……
2015TEL2 suppresses metastasis by down-regulating SERPINE1 in nasopharyngeal carcinomaSang Y; Chen MY; Luo D; Zhang RH; Wang L; Li M; Luo R; Qian C
2015Transcriptome analyses reveal molecular mechanisms underlying functionalrecovery after spinal cord injuryDuan H; Ge W; Zhang A; Xi Y; Chen Z; Luo D; Cheng Y; Fan KS; Horvath S; Sofroniew MV; Cheng L; Yang Z; Sun Yi Eve; Li X