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2012A novel gene IBF1 is required for the inhibition of brown pigment deposition in rice hull furrowsShao T; Qian Q; Tang D; Chen J; Li M; Cheng ZK; Luo Q
2014Assessment of therapeutic efficacy of miR-126 with contrast-enhanced ultrasound in preeclampsia ratsYan T; Zou L; Cui K; Huang X; Ding S; Zheng Y; Luo Q
2014Deterioration of Mechanical Properties of Discs in Chronically Inflamed TMJ<strong>Wang XD</strong>; Cui SJ; Liu Y; Luo Q; Du RJ; Kou XX; Zhang JN; Zhou YH; Gan YH
2014Enzymetically regulating the self-healing of protein hydrogels with high healing efficiency.Gao Y; Luo Q; Qiao S; Wang L; Dong Z; Xu J; Liu J
2013Global exponential stability of impulsive cellular neural networks with time-varying delays via fixed point theoryZhang Y T; Luo Q
2012Global exponential stability of impulsive delayed reaction-diffusion neural networks via Hardy-Poincare inequalityZhang Y T; Luo Q
2015NAIF1 inhibits gastric cancer cells migration and invasion via the MAPK pathwaysYang M; Yu-yu Gu; Hua Peng; MEI ZHAO; Jia Wang; Sheng-kai Huang; Xing-hua Yuan; Jia Li; Jian li Sang; Luo Q; Huang C
2012Novel stability criteria for impulsive delayed reaction-diffusion Cohen-Grossberg neural networks via Hardy-Poincarè inequalityZhang Y T; Luo Q
2015Preparation of Al-based alloy protective coatings by cold spray<b>Zhou X L</b>(#)(); Luo Q; Li C
2014Protein-based supramolecular polymers: progress and prospect.Luo Q; Dong Z; Hou C; Liu J
2013Stability of Impulsive Neural Networks with Time-Varying and Distributed DelaysLuo Q; Miao X J; wei Q; Zhou Z X
2014Stabilization of hybrid stochastic differential equations by feedback control based on discrete-time state observationsMao X R; Liu W; Hu L J; Luo Q; Lu J Q
2012Stochastic stabilization of hybrid differential equationsDeng F Q; Luo Q; Mao X R
2015The integrationcharacteristics of the exogenous growth hormone gene in a transgenic commoncarp (Cyprinus carpio L.) withfast-growth performanceChen J; Luo Q; Bao HR; Liao LJ; Li YM; Zhu ZY; Wang YP; Hu
2015Toxoplasma gondii prevalent in China induce weaker apoptosis of neural stem cells C17.2 via endoplasmic reticulum stress (ERS) signaling pathwaysZhou J; Gan X; Wang Y; Zhang X; Ding X; Chen L; Du J; Luo Q; Wang T; Shen J; Yu L
2012Transgenerational glucose intolerance with Igf2/H19 epigenetic alterations in mouse islet induced by intrauterine hyperglycemiaDing GL; Wang FF; Shu J; Tian S; Jiang Y; Zhang D; Wang N; Luo Q; Zhang Y; Jin F; Leung PC; Sheng JZ; He-Feng Huang
2014Twist2 promotes self-renewal of liver cancer stem-like cells by regulating CD24Liu AY#; Cai Y#; Mao Y#; Lin Y; Zheng H; Wu T; Huang Y; Fang X; Lin S; Feng Q; Huang Z; Yang T; Luo Q; Ouyang G
2015Two ATP Binding Cassette G Transporters, Rice ATP Binding Cassette G26 and ATP Binding Cassette G15, Collaboratively Regulate Rice Male Reproduction.Zhao G; Shi J; Liang W; Xue F; Luo Q; Zhu L; Qu G; Chen M1; Schreiber L; Zhang D