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2014A novel gE-deleted pseudorabies virus (PRV) provides rapid andcomplete protection from lethal challenge with the PRV variantemerging in Bartha-K61-vaccinated swine population in ChinaWang CH; Yuan J; Qin HY; Luo Y; Cong X; Li Y; Chen J; Li S; Sun Y; Qiu HJ
2015AKT regulationof mesothelial-to-mesenchymal transition in peritoneal dialysis is modulated bySmurf2 and deubiquitinating enzyme USP4.Xiao L; Peng X; Liu F; Tang C; Hu C; Xu X; Wang M; Luo Y; Yang S; Song P; Xiao P; Kanwar YS; Sun L
2015Association between serum osteocalcin level and visceral obesity in Chinese postmenopausal womenLuo Y; Ma X; Hao Y; Xu Y; Xiong Q; Tang J; Pan X
2015Asymmetric dimethylarginine triggers macrophage apoptosis via the endoplasmic reticulum stress pathway.Hong D; Gao HC; Wang X; Li LF; Li CC; Luo Y; Wang KK; Bai YP; Zhang GG
2015Calcitonin suppresses intervertebral disk degeneration and preserves lumbar vertebral bonemineral density and bone strength in ovariectomized ratsTian FM; Yang K; Wang WY; Luo Y; Li SY; Song HP; Zhang YZ; Shen Y; Zhang L
2015Cetuximab‑induced insulin‑like growth factor receptor I activation mediates cetuximab resistance in gastric cancer cellsLi X; Xu L; Li HM; Zhao L; Luo Y; Zhu ZT; Liu YP(刘云鹏); Qu XJ
2016Clearance ofsenescent cells by ABT263 rejuvenates aged hematopoietic stem cells in miceChang J; Wang Y; Shao L; Laberge RM; Demaria M; Campisi J; Janakiraman K; Sharpless NE; Ding S; Feng W; Luo Y; Wang X; Aykin-Burns N; Krager K; Ponnappan U; Hauer-JensenM; Meng A……
2013Clinical analysis and prognostic significance of lymphoma associated hemophagocytosis in peripheral T celllymphoma.Xie W; Hu K; Xu F; Zhou D; He J; Shi J; Luo Y; Zhu J; Zhang J; Lin M; Ye X; Huang H; <strong>Cai Z</strong>
2015Computational Identification and Experimental Validation of MicroRNAs Binding to the Fragile X Syndrome Gene Fmr1Gong X; Wang Y; Zeng J; Li S; Luo Y
2014DNA aptamer evolved by cell-SELEX for recognition of prostate cancer.Wang Y; Luo Y; Bing T; Chen Z; Lu M; Zhang N; Shangguan D; Gao X
2015Dose-dependent pathogenicity of a pseudorabies virus variant in pigsinoculated via intranasal routeWang Y; Xia SL; Lei JL; Cong X; Xiang GT; Luo Y; Sun Y; Qiu HJ
2015Effect of hole mobilities through the emissive layer on space charge limited currents of phosphorescent organic light-emitting diodesLuo Y; Duan Y; Chen P; Zhao Y
2015Effect of hole mobilities through the emissive layer on space charge limited currents of phosphorescent organic light-emitting diodesLuo Y; <strong>Duan Y</strong>; Chen P; Zhao Y
2014Effects of interspecific competition on food hoarding and pilferage in two sympatric rodentsZhang HM; Gao HY; Yang Z; Wang ZZ; Luo Y; Zhang ZB
2014Emergency contrast-enhanced ultrasonography for pancreatic injuries in blunt abdominal traumaLv FQ; Tang J; Luo Y; Nie Y; Liang T; Jiao Z; Zhu Z; Li T
2015Generation and Efficacy Evaluation of a Recombinant PseudorabiesVirus Variant Expressing the E2 Protein of Classical Swine FeverVirus in PigsWang Y; Yuan J; Cong X; Qin HY; Wang CH; Li Y; Li S; Luo Y; Sun Y; Qiu HJ
2015Genome-wide dissection of the maize ear geneticarchitecture by using multiple populationsXiao Y; Tong H; Yang X; Xu S; Pan Q; Qiao F; Raihan M; Luo Y; Liu H; Zhang X; Yang N; Wang X; Deng M; Jin M; Zhao L; Luo X; Zhou Y; Li X; Liu J; Zhan W; Liu N; Wang H; Chen G; Cai Y; Xu G; Wang W……
2016Heat-induced interaction between egg white protein and wheat glutenLuo Y; Li M; Zhu KX; Guo XN; Peng W; Zhou HM
2014Hematopoietic stemcell injury induced by ionizing radiation. Antioxid Redox SignalShao L; Luo Y; 周道洪