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2011Biodegradation of beta-cypermethrin and 3-phenoxybenzoic acid by a novel Ochrobactrum lupini DG-S-01Shaohua Chen; Meiying Hu; Jingjing Liu; Guohua Zhong; Liu Yang; Muhammad Rizwan-ul-Haq; Haitao Han
2011Biodegradation of carbofuran by Pichia anomala strain HQ-C-01 and its application for bioremediation of contaminated soilsLiu Yang; Shaohua Chen; Meiying Hu; Weining Hao; Peng Geng; Yanbo Zhang
2011Biodegradation of deltamethrin and its hydrolysis product 3-phenoxybenzaldehyde by a newly isolated Streptomyces aureus strain HP-S-01Shaohua Chen; Kaiping Lai; Yanan Li; Meiying Hu; Yanbo Zhang; Yong Zeng
2011Biodegradation of fenvalerate and 3-phenoxybenzoic acid by a novel Stenotrophomonas sp. strain ZS-S-01 and its use in bioremediation of contaminated soilsShaohua Chen; Liu Yang; Meiying Hu; Jingjing Liu
2011Combination of Kluyveromyces marxianus and sodium bicarbonate for controlling green mold of citrus fruitPeng Geng; Shaohua Chen; Meiying Hu; Muhammad Rizwan-ul-Haq; Kaiping Lai; Fei Qu; Yanbo Zhang
2010Control of citrus postharvest green and blue mold and sour rot by tea saponin combined with imazalil and prochlorazWeining Hao; Guohua Zhong; Meiying Hu; Jianjun Luo; Qunfang Weng; Muhammad Rizwan-ul-Haq
2015Homologsto cry toxin receptor genes in a de novo transcriptome and their alteredexpression in resistant Spodoptera litura larvaeLiang Gong; Huidong Wang; Jiangwei Qi; Lanzhi Han; Meiying Hu; Juan Luis Jurat-Fuentes
2011Integrated control of citrus green and blue mold and sour rot by Bacillus amyloliquefaciens in combination with tea saponinWeining Hao; Hui Li; Meiying Hu; Liu Yang; Muhammad Rizwan-ul-Haq
2011Isolation and characterization of a fungus able to degrade pyrethroids and 3-phenoxybenzaldehydeShaohua Chen; Qiongbo Hu; Meiying Hu; Jianjun Luo; Qunfang Weng; Kaiping Lai
2014Isolation of a novel beta-cypermethrin degrading strain Bacillus subtilis BSF01 and its biodegradation pathwayYing Xiao; Shaohua Chen; Yuanqi Gao; Wei Hu; Meiying Hu; Guohua Zhong
2014Molecular cloning and characterization of a SID-1-likegene in Plutella xylostella.Huidong Wang; Liang Gong; Jiangwei Qi; Meiying Hu; Guohua Zhong; Liang Gong
2015Pathway and kinetics of cyhalothrin biodegradation by Bacillus thuringiensis strain ZS-19Shaohua Chen; Yinyue Deng; Changqing Chang; Jasmine Lee; Yingying Cheng; Zining Cui; Jianuan Zhou; Fei He; Meiying Hu; Lian-Hui Zhang
2013RNAi-mediated knockdown of catalase causes cellcycle arrest in SL-1 cells and results in low survival rate of Spodoptera litura (Fabricius)Haiming Zhao; Xin Yi; Zhen Hu; Meiying Hu; Shaohua Chen; Rizwan-ul-Haq Muhammad; Xiaolin Dong; Liang Gong
2013Sperm precedence pattern and the effect of irradiation on male mating competition in the oriental fruit fly, Bactrocera dorsalisJupeng Zhao; shaohua Chen; Yinyue Deng; Jun Ma; Rirong He; Fan Liang; Meiying Hu
2013Testing insecticidal activity of novel chemically synthesized siRNAagainst Plutella xylostella under laboratoryand field conditionsLiang Gong; Meiying Hu; Yong Chen; Zhen Hu