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2012A Mathematical Model for the Dynamics of a Fish Algae Consumption Model with Impulsive Control StrategyJin Yang; Min Zhao
2014A systems biology approachto identify intelligence quotient score-related genomic regions, and pathwaysrelevant to potential therapeutic treatments.Min Zhao; Lei Kong; Hong Qu
2013An automatic timing method for photo finishMin Zhao; Yuman Nie; Jianfeng Li; Feng Shuang; Zhengmao Xie; Zaijin Feng
2013An automatic timing method for photo finishMin Zhao; Yuman Nie; Jianfeng Li; Feng Shuang; Zhengmao Xie; Zaijin Feng
2015An evidence-based knowledgebase of metastasissuppressors to identify key pathways relevant to cancer metastasisMin Zhao; Zhe Li; Hong Qu
2015Analysis of Spatiotemporal Dynamic and Bifurcation in a Wetland EcosystemYi Wang; Min Zhao; Hengguo Yu; Chuanjun Dai; Debing Mei; Qi Wang; Zengling Ma
2015Automatic Laser Interferometer And Vision MeasurementSystem For Stripe Rod CalibrationMin Zhao; Qiu-Hong Huang; Ling-Jian Zhu; Zong-Ming Qiu
2013Band gaps of Lamb waves propagating in one-dimensional periodic and nesting Fibonacci superlattices thin platesMin Zhao; Ya-Zhuo Xie; Xing-Gan Zhang; Jian Gao
2013Bifurcations and Periodic Solutions for an Algae-Fish Semicontinuous SystemChuanjun Dai; Min Zhao; Lansun Chen
2016Carboxyl functionalization of carbon fibers via aryl diazoniumreaction in molten urea to enhance interfacial shear strengthYuwei Wang; Linghui Meng; Liquan Fan; Guangshun Wu; Lichun Ma; Min Zhao; Yudong Huang
2015Cellular Metabolic Network Analysis:Discovering Important Reactions in Treponema pallidum.Xueying Chen; Min Zhao; Hong Qu
2012Characterisation of a Novel White Laccase from the Deuteromycete Fungus Myrothecium verrucaria NF-05 and Its Decolourisation of DyesDan Zhao; Xi Zhang; Dai-Zong Cui; Min Zhao
2013Cloning and expression of thermo-alkali-stable laccase of Bacillus licheniformis in Pichia pastoris and its characterizationLei Lu; Tian-Nv Wang; Teng-Fei Xu; Jing-Yao Wang; Chun-Lei Wang; Min Zhao
2011Complex Behavior in a Fish Algae ConsumptionModel with Impulsive Control StrategyJin Yang; Min Zhao
2012Complex dynamic behavior of three-species ecological model with impulse perturbations and seasonal disturbancesChuanjun Dai; Min Zhao; Lansun Chen
2016Concordance between somatic copy number loss and downregulated expression: A pan-cancer study of cancer predisposition genesRan Wei(#); Ming Zhao; Chunhou Zheng; Min Zhao; Junfeng Xia()
2015dbEMT: anepithelial-mesenchymal transition associated gene resource.Min Zhao; Lei Kong; Yining Liu; Hong Qu
2016Dinuclear zinc-catalyzed desymmetric intramolecular aldolization: an enantioselective construction of spiro[cyclohexanone-oxindole] derivativesYa-Fei Zhang(#); Shao-Jie Yin; Min Zhao; Jun-Qi; Zhang; Hai-Yan Li; Xing-Wang Wang()
2014Dynamic Analysis of a Phytoplankton-Fish Model with Biological and Artificial ControlYapei Wang; Min Zhao; Xinhong Pan; Chuanjun Dai
2012Dynamic Analysis of a Predator-Prey (Pest) Model with Disease in Prey and Involving an Impulsive Control StrategyMin Zhao; Yanzhen Wang; Lansun Chen