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2015A Template-Free Method for Preparation of Cobalt NanoparticlesEmbedded in N-Doped Carbon Nanofibers with a HierarchicalPore Structure for Oxygen ReductionShuguang Wang; Zhentao Cui; Minhua Cao
2013Ag@AgHPW as a plasmonic catalyst for visible-light photocatalytic degradation of environmentally harmful organic pollutantsWenhui Zhou; Minhua Cao
2015Carbon-Anchored MnO Nanosheets as An Anodefor High-Rate and Long-Life Lithium Ion BatteriesYing Xiao; Minhua Cao
2013Construction and Properties of Structure- and Size-controlled Micro/nano-Energetic MaterialsBing Huang; Minhua Cao; Fude Nie; Hui Huang; Changwen Hu
2014A dual strategy for improving lithium storage performance, a case of Fe"2O"3Xia Wang; Ying Xiao; Changwen Hu; Minhua Cao
2013Enhanced microwave absorbing performance of CoNi alloy nanoparticles anchored on a spherical carbon monolithNa Li; Changwen Hu; Minhua Cao
2015Facile fabrication of molybdenum dioxide/nitrogen-doped graphene hybrid as highperformance anode material for lithium ion batteriesXia Wang; Ying Xiao; Jianqiang Wang; Lingna Sun; Minhua Cao
2013Facile synthesis of ultrafine carbon-coated SnO"2 nanoparticles for high-performance reversible lithium storageBing Liu; Minhua Cao; Xinyu Zhao; Yuan Tian; Changwen Hu
2014High lithium storage capacity and rate capability achieved by mesoporous Co"3O"4 hierarchical nanobundlesYing Xiao; Changwen Hu; Minhua Cao
2015Hybridization and pore engineering for achievingHigh-performance lithium storage of carbideas anode materialYing Xiao; Lirong Zheng; Minhua Cao
2014Improving water splitting performance of Cu2O through a synergistic “two-way transfer” process of Cu and grapheneDingkun Zhang; Ding Wei; Zhentao Cui; Shanshan Wang; Song Yang; Minhua Cao; Changwen Hu
2015Lithium Storage in Microstructures of Amorphous Mixed-Valence Vanadium Oxide as Anode MaterialsDi Zhao; Lirong Zheng; Minhua Cao
2013MgO modified nanoporous carbon composites for methanol separationXiaoyu Ma; Minhua Cao; Changwen Hu
2014A mild route to mesoporous Mo2C–C hybrid nanospheres for high performance lithium-ion batteriesQing Gao; Xinyu Zhao; Ying Xiao; Di Zhao; Minhua Cao
2013A newly-designed polyoxometalate-based plasmonic visible-light catalyst for the photodegradation of methyl blueWenhui Zhou; Minhua Cao; Shuangyue Su; Na Li; Xinyu Zhao; Jiangqiang Wang; Xianghua Li; Changwen Hu
2013One-pot, low-temperature synthesis of self-doped NaTaO3 nanoclusters for visible-light-driven photocatalysisJianqiang Wang; Shuangyue Su; Bing Liu; Minhua Cao; Changwen Hu
2013P25/graphene nanocomposites as a high-performance anode material for lithium ion batteriesYing Xiao; Jinwen Qin; Changwen Hu; Minhua Cao
2015Porous carbon nanofiber webs derived frombacterial cellulose as an anode for highperformance lithium ion batteriesWei Wang; Ying Sun; Minhua Cao
2014A simple and green pathway toward nitrogen and sulfur dual doped hierarchically porous carbons from ionic liquids for oxygen reductionZhentao Cui; Shuguang Wang; Yihe Zhang; Minhua Cao
2013A simple reduction process to synthesize MoO2/C composites with cage-like structure for high-performance lithium-ion batteriesBing Liu; Xinyu Zhao; Yuan Tian; Di Zhao; Changwen Hu; Minhua Cao