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2015A Nested Case-Control Study Indicating Heavy Metal Residues in Meconium Associate with Maternal Gestational Diabetes Mellitus RiskPeng S; Liu L; Zhang X; Heinrich J; Zhang J; Schramm K-W; Huang Q; Tian M; Eqani SAMAS; Shen H
2015An improved preparation of graphene supported ultrafine ruthenium (0) NPs: very active and durable catalysts for H2 generation from methanolysis of ammonia boranePeng S; Liu J; Zhang J; Wang F
2015BPIC: A novel anti-tumor lead capable of inhibiting inflammation and scavenging free radicalsLi Shan; Wang Yuji; Zhao Ming; Wu Jianhui; Peng S
2014Identification of candidate biomarkers for the early detection of nasopharyngeal carcinoma by quantitative proteomic analysis.Yang J; Zhou M; Zhao R; Peng S; Luo Z; Li X; Cao L; Tang K; Ma J; Xiong W; Fan S; Schmitt DC; Ming Tan; Li X; Li G
2015Impact of corticosteroid-binding globulin deficiency on pregnancy and neonatal sexLei JH; Yang XK; Peng S; Li Y; Underhill C; Zhu C; Lin HY; Wang H; Hammond GL
2015Long-termresponses of plant growth, soil microbial communities and soil enzymeactivities to elevated CO2 and neighbouring plantsDuan B; Zhang Y; Xu G; Chen J; Paquette A; Peng S
2012Risk of nasopharyngeal carcinoma associated with polymorphic lactotransferrin haplotypesZhou Y; Wang W; Zheng D; Peng S; Xiong W; Ma J; Zeng Z; Wu M; Zhou M; Xiang J; Xiang B; Li X; Li X; Li G
2016Seed Priming in Dry Direct-seeded Rice: Consequences for Emergence, Seedling Growth and Associated Metabolic Events under Drought StressZheng M; Tao Y; Hussain S; Jiang Q; Peng S; Huang J; Cui K; Nie L
2015Tailored therapy for the refractory GERD patients by combined multichannel intraluminal impedance-pH monitoringXiao Y; Liang M; Peng S; Zhang N; Chen M
2014The effi cacy of trimetazidine on stable angina pectoris: A meta-analysis of randomized clinical trialsWan J; Peng S; Zhao M; Fang Q; Fang D; Li K