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2015Anchors as Semantic Primes in Value Construction: An EEG Study of the Anchoring EffectQingguo Ma; Diandian Li; Qiang Shen; Wenwei Qiu
2015Anchors as Semantic Primes in Value Construction: An EEG Study of the Anchoring EffectQingguo Ma<b>Qingguo Ma</b>(#); Diandian Li; Qiang Shen; Wenwei Qiu
2016Band structuresandopticalpropertiesofAl-doped α-Si3N4: theoretical and experimentalstudiesZhifeng Huang; Zhihao Wang; Fei Chen; Qiang Shen; Lianmeng Zhang
2014Effect of 2,2′-dipyridyl on the plating rate, microstructure and performance of copper-coated tungsten composite powders prepared using electroless platingWenshu Chen; Guoqiang Luo; Meijuan Li; Qiang Shen; Chuanbin Wang; Lianmeng Zhang
2014Effect of plasma activated sintering parameters on microstructure and mechanical properties of Al-7075/B4C compositesChuandong Wu; Pan Fang; Guoqiang Luo; Fei Chen; Qiang Shen; Lianmeng Zhang; Enrique J. Lavernia
2014Effects of nitrogen gas ratio on magnetron sputtering deposited boron nitride filmsChuanbin Wang; Xiaoshuang Luo; Song Zhang; Qiang Shen; Lianmeng Zhang
2015Electronic and optical properties of Y-doped Si3N4 by density functional theoryZhifeng Huang; Fei Chen; Rui Su; Zhihao Wang; Junyang Li; Qiang Shen; Lianmeng Zhang
2011Empathic responses to others' gains and losses: An electrophysiological investigationQingguo Ma; Qiang Shen; Qing Xu; Diandian Li; Liangchao Shu; Bernd Weber
2011How an uncertain cue modulates subsequent monetary outcome evaluation: An ERP studyQing Xu; Qiang Shen; Pengshuai Chen; Qingguo Ma; Dian Sun; Yannan Pan
2014I endeavor to make it: Effort increases valuation of subsequent monetary rewardQingguo Ma; Liang Meng; Lei Wang; Qiang Shen
2015Kernel-based Fuzzy-rough Nearest-neighbour Classification for Mammographic Risk AnalysisYanpeng Qu(#)(); Changjing Shang; Qiang Shen; Neil Mac Parthaláin; Wei Wu
2014Low-temperature densification and excellent thermal properties of W–Cu thermal-management composites prepared from copper-coated tungsten powdersLianmeng Zhang; Wenshu Chen; Guoqiang Luo; Pingan Chen; Qiang Shen; Chuanbin Wang
2015Mitochondrial Ca²⁺ uniporter is critical for store-operated Ca²⁺ entry-dependent breast cancer cell migrationShihao Tang; Xubu Wang; Qiang Shen; Xinyi Yang; Changhui Yu; Chunqing Cai; Guoshuai Cai; Xiaojing Meng; Fei Zou
2014Optimal design of graded refractive index profile for broadband omnidirectional antireflection coatings using genetic programmingYongxiang Zhao; Fei Chen; Qiang Shen; Lianmeng Zhang
2014Optimal structure of light trapping in thin-film solar cells: dielectric nanoparticles or multilayer antireflection coatings?Yongxiang Zhao; Fei Chen; Qiang Shen; Lianmeng Zhang
2014Optimizing low loss negative index metamaterial for visible spectrum using differential evolution: replyYongxiang Zhao; Fei Chen; Qiang Shen; Lianmeng Zhang
2015Preparation of cubic Li7La3Zr2O12 solid electrolyte using a nano-sized core–shell structured precursorYanhua Zhang; Jin Cai; Fei Chen; Rong Tu; Qiang Shen; Xulong Zhang; Lianmeng Zhang
2009Random fuzzy alternating renewal processesQiang Shen; Ruiqing Zhao; Wansheng Tang
2011Synthesis and biological evaluation of (+/-)-3-(2-(2-fluorobenzyloxy) naphthalen-6-yl)-2-aminopropanoic acid derivatives as novel PTP1B inhibitorsLiang-Peng Sun; Qiang Shen; Hong-Hua Piao; Wei-Ping Ma; Li-Xin Gao; Wei Zhang; Fa-Jun Nan; Jia Li; Hu-Ri Piao
2015You did not mean it: Perceived good intentions alleviate sense of unfairnessQingguo Ma; Liang Meng; Zhexiao Zhang; Qing Xu; Yue Wang; Qiang Shen