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2015A flowing liquid lithium limiter for the Experimental Advanced Superconducting TokamakRen, J.; Zuo, G.Z.; Hu, J.S.; Sun, Z.; Yang, Q.X.; Li, J.G.; Zakharov, L.E.; Xie, H.; Chen, Z.X.
2015A genomewide association study of feed efficiency and feeding behaviors at two fattening stages in a White Duroc × Erhualian F2 populationGuo, Y. M.; Zhang, Z. Y.; Ma, J. W.; Ai, H. S.; Ren, J.; Huang, L. S.
2015A meta analysis of genome-wide association studies for limb bone lengths in four pig populationsGuo, Y.; Hou, L.; Zhang, X.; Huang, M.; Mao, H.; Chen, H.; Ma, J.; Chen, C.; Ai, H.; Ren, J.; Huang, L.
2012Adaptive Kriging controller design for hypersonic flight vehicle via back-steppingXu, B.; Sun, F.; Liu, H.; Ren, J.
2013A Dividerless PLL With Low Power and Low Reference Spur by Aperture-Phase Detector and Phase-to-Analog ConverterCai, D.; Fu, H.; Ren, J.; Li, W.; Li, N.; Yu, H.; Yeo, K. S
2014Expression, purification and preliminary crystallographic studies of the C-terminal SH3 domain of human Tks4Huang, Y.; Qian, H.; Wang, X.; Cheng, Z.; Ren, J.; Zhao, W.; Xie, Y
2014Methods and preliminary measurement results of liquid Li wettabilityZuo, G.Z.; Hu, J.S.; Ren, J.; Sun, Z.; Yang, Q.X.; Li, J.G.; Zakharov, L.E.; Mansfield, D.K
2015New steady-state quiescent high-confinement plasma in an experimental advanced superconducting tokamakHu, J.S.; Sun, Z.; Guo, H.Y.; Li, J.G.; Wan, B.N.; Wang, H.Q.; Ding, S.Y.; Xu, G.S.; Liang, Y.F.; Mansfield, D.K.; Maingi, R.; Zou, X.L.; Wang, L.; Ren, J.; Zuo, G.Z.; Zhang, L.; Duan, Y.M.……
2008A Novel Solvothermal Synthesis of High-Surface-Area SnO2 NanocrystalsRen, J.; Xu, G.; Xu, S.M.; Chi, R.A
2008Synthesis and Structure of Nanocrystalline Rare Earth-Doped SnO2Xu, G.; Xu, S.M.; Ren, J.; Chi, R.A
2015The interaction between ULF waves and thermal plasma ions at the plasmaspheric boundary layer during substorm activityRen, J.; Zong, Q. G.; Wang, Y. F.; Zhou, X. Z.