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2015A general conceptual framework for characterizing the ego in a networkRonald Rousseau; Star X. Zhao
2014A refinement of Egghe’s increment studiesRonald Rousseau
2013Are Chinese nanoscience citation curves converging towards their American counterparts?XJ Hu; Ronald Rousseau
2008Betweenness centrality and Q-measures in directed valued networksRonald Rousseau; Lin Zhang
2008Definitions of time series in citation analysis with special attention to the h-indexYuxian Liu; Ronald Rousseau
2015Do Chinese and American contributions in top journals have an equal citation potential?Jielan Ding; Ronald Rousseau
2015Do first rate scientists work at first rate organizations?Bo Yang; Ronald Rousseau; Shuiqing Huang; Sulan Yan
2015Editorial delay and its relation to subsequent citations: the journals Nature, Science and CellSi Shen; Ronald Rousseau; Dongbo Wang
2008Fundamental properties of rhythm sequences Leo Egghe; Liming Liang; Ronald Rousseau
2008The h-index of a conglomerateRonald Rousseau; Raf Guns; Yuxian Liu
2008An h-index weighted by citation impactLeo Egghe; Ronald Rousseau
2015Introducing sub-impact factor (SIF-) sequences and an aggregated SIF-indicator for journal rankingFang Xu; Wenbin Liu; Ronald Rousseau
2011Mapping collaborative knowledge production in China using patent co-inventorshipsXia Gao; Jiancheng Guan; Ronald Rousseau
2010Measuring a journal's input rhythm based on its publication-reference matrixLiming Liang; Ronald Rousseau
2012A new approach for measuring the value of patents based on structural indicators for ego patent citation networksXiaojun Hu; Ronald Rousseau; Jin Chen
2008The power law model and total career h-index sequencesFred Y. Ye; Ronald Rousseau
2009Properties of Hirsch-type indices: the case of library classification categoriesYuxian Liu; Ronald Rousseau
2008A proposal for a dynamic h-type index Ronald Rousseau; Fred Y. Ye
2009A relation between h-index and impact factor in the power-law modelLeo Egghe; Liming Liang; Ronald Rousseau
2013Two time series, their meaning and some applicationsRonald Rousseau; Xiaojun Hu