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2016"Global image completion with joint sparse patch selection and optimal seam synthesis"S. Ge; K. Xie; S. Li; R. Yang
2015A compact wideband bandpass filter using a coupled-line quad-mode resonatorL. Nan; Y. Wu; W. Wang; S. Li; Y. Liu
2015A highly efficient thermo-optic microring modulator assisted by graphene.S. Gan; C. Cheng; Y. Zhan; B. Huang; X. Gan; S. Li; S. Lin; X. Li; J. Zhao; H. Chen; Q. Bao
2010Activation of cannabinoid receptor CB2 regulates osteogenic and osteoclastogenic gene expression in human periodontal ligament cellsH. Qian; Y. Zhao; Y. Peng; C. Han; S. Li; N. Huo; Y. Ding; Y. Duan; L. Xiong; H. Sang
2012Application of Polyelectrolyte‐Enhanced Ultrafiltration for Rhenium Recovery from Aqueous SolutionsJ. Zeng; S. Li; X. Sun; X. Chen
2009Attachment of magnetic nanoparticles on carbon nanotubes using oleate as an interlinker moleculeY. Liu; W. Jiang; S. Li; Z.P. Cheng; D. Song; X.J. Zhang; F.S. Li
2015Broadband photodetectors based on graphene-Bi2Te3 heterostructure.H. Qiao; J. Yuan; Z. Xu; C. Chen; S. Lin; Y. Wang; J. Song; Y. Liu; Q. Khan; H. Hoh; C. Pan; S. Li; Q. Bao
2015Cellular repressor of E1A-stimulated gene overexpression in bone mesenchymal stem cells protects against rat myocardial infarction.C. Peng; H. Pei; F. Wei; X. Tian; J. Deng; C. Yan; Y. Li; M. Sun; J. Zhang; D. Liu; J. Rong; J. Wang; E. Gao; S. Li; Y. Han
2012The characteristic of in situ stress in outburst area of ChinaJ. Han; H.W. Zhang; S. Li; W.H. Song
2015Comments on nonlocal effects in nano-cantilever beamsC. Li(李成); L.Q. Yao; W.Q. Chen; S. Li
2015Demonstration of self-truncated ionization injection for GeV electron beamsM. Mirzaie; S. Li; M. Zeng; N. A. M. Hafz; M. Chen; G. Y. Li; Q. J. Zhu; H. Liao; T. Sokollik; F. Liu; Y. Y. Ma; L.M. Chen; Z. M. Sheng; J. Zhang
2015Deposition of Bi3.15Nd0.85Ti3O12ferroelectric thin films on 5-inch diameter Siwafers by a modified pulsed laser deposition methodS. Li; X. L. Zhong; Y. R. Jia; J. B. Wang; B. Li; C. B. Tan; Y. C. Zhou
2015Design of a prediction accuracy enhanced continuous-time MPC for disturbed systems via a disturbance observerJ. Yang; W.X. Zheng; S. Li; B. Wu; M. Chen
2014Design of dual-band phase offset line with arbitrary phase shift at two operational frequenciesJ. Li; Y. Liu; S. Li; C. Yu; Y. Wu
2014Disrupted topological properties of brain white matter networks in left temporal lobe epilepsy: A diffusion tensor imaging studyY. Xu; S. Qiu; J. Wang; Z. Liu; R. Zhang; S. Li; L. Cheng; Z. Liu; W. Wang; R. Huang
2016Disturbance observer-based control and related methods--An overviewW.H. Chen; J. Yang; L. Guo; S. Li
2015Dual-band out-of-phase power divider with impedance transformation and wide frequency ratioW. Zhang; Z. Ning; Y. Wu; C. Yu; S. Li; Y. Liu
2014Dynamic keyhole profile during high-power deep-penetration laser weldingS. Li; G. Chen; M. Zhang; Y. Zhou; Y. Zhang
2014Effects of conservatively treated diseased cementum with or without EMD on in vitro cementoblast differentiation and in vivo cementum-like tissueformation of human periodontal ligament cellsY. Qi(#); W. Feng(#); J. Cai; Q. Sun; S. Li; M. Li; A. Song(); P. Yang()
2009Effects of curcumin or dexamethasone on lung ischaemia–reperfusion injury in ratsJ. Sun; D. Yang; S. Li; Z. Xu; X. Wang; C. Bai