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2017Carrier TrackingEstimation Analysis by Using the Extended Strong Tracking Filtering.Quanbo Ge; Teng Shao; Shaodong Chen; Chenglin Wen
2013Characteristics of return stroke currents of classical and altitude triggered lightning in GCOELD in ChinaDong Zheng; Yijun Zhang; Weitao Lu; Yang Zhang; Wansheng Dong; Shaodong Chen; Jianru Dan
2015Influence of the Ground Potential Rise on the Residual Voltage of Low-Voltage Surge Protective Devices due to Nearby Lightning FlashesShaodong Chen; Yijun Zhang; Chang Chen; Xu Yan; Weitao Lu; Yang Zhang
2015ML Estimation of Transition Probabilities for an Unknown Maneuvering Emitter TrackingXiaome Luo; Bo Jiu; Shaodong Chen; 葛泉波
2015ML estimation of transition probabilities for an unknown maneuvering emitter trackingXiaomei Luo; Bo Jiu; Shaodong Chen; Quanbo Ge
2017Observable degree analysis on mobile target tracking for wireless sensor networksJinyan Ma; Quanbo Ge; Shaodong Chen; Yongting Wang
2012Optical and electrical observations of an abnormal triggered lightning event with two upward propagationsDong Zheng; Yijun Zhang; Weitao Lu; Yang Zhang; Wansheng Dong; Shaodong Chen; Jianru Dan
2012Performance Evaluation for a Lightning Location System Based on Observations of Artificially Triggered Lightning and Natural Lightning FlashesLuwen Chen; Yijun Zhang; Weitao Lu; Dong Zheng; Yang Zhang; Shaodong Chen; Zhihui Huang
2015Three-dimensional propagation characteristics of the leaders in the attachment process of a downward negative lightning flashWeitao Lu; Yan Gao; Luwen Chen; Qi Qi; Ying Ma; Yang Zhang; Shaodong Chen; Xu Yan; Chang Chen; Yijun Zhang