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2015A novel system for evaluating drought-cold tolerance of grapevines using chlorophyll fluorescenceLingye Su; Zhanwu Dai; Shaohua Li; Haiping Xin
2014Characterization of two VvICE1 genes isolated from 'Muscat Hamburg' grapevine and their effect on the tolerance to abiotic stressesJitao Li; Lina Wang; Wei Zhu; Nian Wang; Haiping Xin; Shaohua Li
2015Comparative assessment of sugar and malic acid composition incultivated and wild applesBaiquan Ma; Jie Chen; Hongyu Zheng; Ting Fang; Collins Ogutu; Shaohua Li; Yuepeng Han; Benhong Wu
2013Comprehensive analysis of NAC domain transcription factor gene family in Vitis viniferaNian Wang; Yu Zheng; Haiping Xin; Linchuan Fang; Shaohua Li
2016Construction of a high density linkage map and its application in the identification of QTLs for soluble sugar and organic acidcomponents in appleBaiquan Ma; Shuang Zhao; Benhong Wu; Dongmei Wang; Qian Peng; Albert Owiti; Ting Fang; Liao Liao; Collins Ogutu; Schuyler S. Korban; Shaohua Li; Yuepeng Han
2012Construction of a high-density genetic map for grape using next generation restriction-site associated DNA sequencingNian Wang; Linchuan Fang; Haiping Xin; Lijun Wang; Shaohua Li
2015Effect of Grape Polyphenols on Blood Pressure: A Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled TrialsShaohua Li; Peng Zhao; hongbo Tian
2013The effects of artificial selection on sugar metabolism and transporter genes in grapeHaiping Xin; Jisen Zhang; Wei Zhu; Nian Wang; Peige Fang; Yuepeng Han; Ray Ming; Shaohua Li
2015Genes encodingaluminum-activated malate transporter II and their association with fruitacidity in appleBaiquan Ma; Liao Liao; Hongyu Zheng; Jie Chen; Benhong Wu; Collins Ogutu; Shaohua Li; Schuyler S. Korban; Yuepeng Han
2015Identification of cold-inducible microRNAs in grapevineXiaoming Sun; Gaotao Fan; Lingye Su; Wanjun Wang; Zhenchang Liang; Shaohua Li; Haiping Xin
2016Inheritance of muscat berry volatiles in grape interspecific cross populationCuixia Liu; Peige Fan; Mingxi He; Haohao Zhang; Xianju Liu; Zhengrong Luo; Francis Kweya Ombwara; Zhenchang Liang; Shaohua Li
2010Investigation on dynamical interaction between a heavy vehicle and road pavementShaopu Yang; Shaohua Li; Yongjie Lu
2015MiR-200b modulates the properties of human monocyte-derived dendritic cells by targeting WASF3Yuanlin Liu; Jie Li; Wei Xia; Chen Chen; Heng Zhu; Jide Chen; Shaohua Li; Xueting Su; Xingliang Qin; Hongmei Ding; Long Long; Lili Wang; Zhanghua Li; Wen Liao; Yi Zhang……
2013Nanoporous CREG-Eluting Stent Attenuates In-Stent Neointimal Formation in Porcine Coronary ArteriesJie Deng; Yaling Han; Mingyu Sun; Jie Tao; Chenghui Yan; Jian Kang; Shaohua Li
2010Overexpressing cellular repressor of E1A-stimulated genes protects mesenchymal stem cells against hypoxia- and serum deprivation-induced apoptosis by activation of PI3K/AktJie Deng; Yaling Han; Chenhui Yan; XIaoxiang Tian; Jie Tao; Jian Kang; Shaohua Li
2013Research on Damping Characteristics of Shock Absorber for Heavy VehicleYongjie Lu; Shaohua Li; Na Chen
2013Resveratrols in Vitis berry skins and leaves: Their extraction and analysis by HPLCChunyan Liu; Lijun Wang; Junfang Wang; Benhong Wu; Wen Liu; Peige Fan; Zhenchang Liang; Shaohua Li
2011Volatile compounds evolution of three table grapes with different flavour during and after maturationChunxiang Yang; Yiju Wang; Benhong Wu; Jinbao Fang; Shaohua Li
2012Volatiles of plums evaluated by HS-SPME with GC-MS at the germplasm levelQianqian Chai; Benhong Wu; Weisheng Liu; Lijun Wang; Chunxiang Yang; Yiju Wang; Jinbao Fang; Youchun Liu; Shaohua Li