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-A first quaternary diamond-like semiconductor with 10−membered LiS4 rings exhibiting excellent nonlinear opticalperformancesKui Wu<b>Kui Wu</b>(#); Zhihua Yang; Shilie Pan()
2015An investigation on new infrarednonlinear optical material: BaCdSnSe4, and three new relatedcentrosymmetric compounds: Ba2SnSe4, Mg2GeSe4,and Ba2Ge2S6Kui Wu<b>Kui Wu</b>(#); Xin Su; Zhihua Yang; Shilie Pan()
2015Ba(DL-C4H4O5) — An alkaline earth metal-dicarboxylate hybrid crystal with the synergy of multi-bondsChen lei; Zheng Wang; Fangyuan Zhang; Zhihua Yang(); Fangfang Zhang(); Ying Wang; Shilie Pan()
2015Ba2GeS4 and Mg2SnS4: synthesis, structures, optical propertiesand electronic structuresKui Wu<b>Kui Wu</b>(#); Shilie Pan(); Zhihua Yang
2014Flux crystal growth of Ba2TiOSi2O7Wenwu Zhao; Fangyuan Zhang; Jian Liu; Bin Hao; Shilie Pan(); Fangfang Zhang(); Lu Liu
2017LiRb2PO4: a new deep-ultraviolet nonlinear optical phosphate with a large SHG responseLin Li; Ying Wang; Bing-Hua Lei; Shujuan Han(); Zhihua Yang; Hongyi Li; Shilie Pan()
2016Na(2)BaMQ(4) (M = Ge, Sn; Q = S, Se): Infrared Nonlinear Optical Materials with Excellent Performances and that Undergo Structural TransformationsKui Wu<b>Kui Wu</b>(#); Zhihua Yang; Shilie Pan()
2016Na2Hg3M2S8 (M = Si, Ge, and Sn): New Infrared Nonlinear Optical Materials with Strong Second Harmonic Generation Effects and High Laser-Damage ThresholdsKui Wu<b>Kui Wu</b>(#); Zhihua Yang; Shilie Pan()
2016Na2ZnGe2S6: A New Infrared Nonlinear Optical Material with Good Balance between Large Second-Harmonic Generation Response and High Laser Damage ThresholdKui WuGuangmao Li; <b>Kui Wu</b>(); Qiong Liu; Zhihua Yang; Shilie Pan()
2015Na4MgM2Se6 (M = Si, Ge): the first non-centrosymmetric compounds with special ethane-like[M2Se6]6− units exhibiting large laser damagethresholdsKui Wu<b>Kui Wu</b>(#); Zhihua Yang; Shilie Pan()
2015Syntheses andCharacterization of Mid-Infrared Transparency Compounds: Acentric BaHgS2 and Centric Ba8Hg4S5Se7kui Wu<b>kui Wu</b>(#); Xin Su; Shilie Pan(); Zhihua Yang
2017Syntheses, characterization and theoretical studies of three apatite-type phosphates MPb4(PO4)3 (M = K, Rb, Cs)Maierhaba Abudoureheman; Shujuan Han(); Xiaoyu Dong; Bing-Hua Lei; Ying Wang; Zhihua Yang; Xifa Long(); Shilie Pan()
2014Synthesis, Characterization and Nonlinear Optical Property of the Barium Borate Halide Ba2B5O9Cl · 0.5H2OFangyuan Zhang; Fangfang Zhang; Dianzeng Jia(); Shilie Pan()
2015Synthesis, characterization and theoretical studies of the nonlinear optical cyrstal Sr2B5O9(OH)•H2OFangyuan Zhang; Fangfang Zhang(); Jing Qun; Shilie Pan(); Zhihua Yang; Dianzeng Jia
2014Synthesis, crystal structure and properties of a new barium calcium borate, Ba2Ca2(B2O5)2Lu Liu; Fangfang Zhang(); Shilie Pan(); Chen Lei; Fangyuan Zhang; Xiaoyu Dong; Zheng Wnag; Hongwei Yu; Zhihua Yang
2015Synthesis, Crystal Structure and Properties of the Strontium Vanadate Fluoride Sr5(VO4)3FFangyuan Zhang; Fangfang Zhang(); Qun Jing; Shilie Pan(); Zhihua Yang; Dianzeng Jia