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2015An Improved Unsupervised Approach to Word SegmentationWang HS; Han, XH; Liu, LZ; Song W; Yuan, MD
2015Avianinfluenza H9N2 seroprevalence among pig population and pig farm staff inShandong, ChinaLi S; Zhou Y; Zhao Y; Li W; Song W; Miao Z
2016Bile deficiency induces changes in intestinal glucose absorption in mice.Du Y; Chen H; Xuan Z; Song W; Hong L; Li H; Tuo B; Zheng S; Song P()
2016Hepatitis C virus replicative double-stranded RNA is a potent interferon inducer that triggers interferon production through MDA5Du X; Pan T; Xu J; Zhang Y; Song W; Yi Z; <b>Yuan Z</b>()
2015Locating multiple optimal solutions of nonlinear equation systems based on multiobjective optimizationSong W; 王勇(通讯作者); Li HX; Cai Z
2015Long-term potentiation decay and memory loss are mediated by AMPAR endocytosisDong Z; Han H; Li H; Bai Y; Wang W; Tu M; Peng Y; Zhou L; He W; Wu X; Tan T; Liu M; Wu X; Zhou W; Jin W; Zhang S; Sacktor TC; Li T; Song W; Wang YT
2015MOMMOP: Multiobjective optimization for locating multiple optimal solutions of multimodal optimization problems王勇; Li HX; Yen GG; Song W
2015Morphological and microscopic characterization of five commonly-used testacean traditional Chinese medicines.Xu Y; Song W; Zhou P; Li P; Li H-J
2014Recent advances in the ARID family: focusing on roles in human cancerLin C; Song W; Bi X; Zhao J; Huang Z; Li Z; Zhou J; Cai J; Zhao H
2015Spreadof extended-spectrum beta-lactamase-producing Escherichia coli from a swinefarm to the receiving riverLi S; Song W; Zhou Y; Tang Y; Gao Y; Miao Z
2015The inhibitory effects of AR/miR-190a/YB-1 negative feedback loop on prostate cancer and underlying mechanism.Xu S; Wang T; Song W; Jiang T; Zhang F; Yin Y; Jiang S; Wu K; Yu Z; Wang C; Chen K
2014Two novel DNA motifs are essential for BACE1 gene transcriptionXiang Y; Meng S; Wang J; Li S; Liu J; Li H; Li T; Song W; Zhou W
2014Upregulation of human PINK1 gene expression by NFκB signallingDuan X; Tong J; Xu Q; Wu Y; Cai F; Li T; Song W