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2015A case-control study of sudden unexplained nocturnal death syndrome in the southern Chinese Han populationZheng J; Huang E; Tang S; Wu Q; Huang L; Zhang D; Quan L; Liu C; Cheng J
2014Aptamer TY04 inhibits the growth of multiple myeloma cells via cell cycle arrestDai H(#); Ye M(#); Peng M; Zhou W; Bai H; Xiao X; Ma B; Zhou J; Tang S; Yao S; Cao Y; Qin Z; Liu J(); Tan W()
2015Bioaccumulation, Biotransformation, andToxicity of BDE-47, 6-OH-BDE-47, and 6-MeO-BDE-47 in Early Life-Stages ofZebrafish (Danio rerio)Liu HL; Tang S; Zheng XM; Zhu YT; Ma ZY; Liu CS; Hecker M; Saunders D; Giesy J; Zhang XW; Yu HX
2015Differentialmodulation of expression of nuclear receptor mediated genes by tris(2-butoxyethyl) phosphate (TBOEP) on early life stages of zebrafish (Daniorerio)Ma ZY; Tang S; Su GY; Miao YQ; Liu HL; Xie YW; Giesy J; Saunders D M.V.; Hecker M; Yu HX
2016Effects of tris(2-butoxyethyl) phosphate (TBOEP) on endocrine axes during development of earlylife stages of zebrafish (Danio rerio)Ma ZY; Yu YJ; Tang S; Liu HL; Su GY; Xie YW; Giesy J; Hecker M; Yu HX
2016Identification of rare variants of DSP gene in sudden unexplained nocturnal death syndrome in the southern Chinese Han populationZhao Q; Chen Y; Peng L; Gao R; Liu N; Jiang P; Liu C; Tang S; Quan L; Makielski JC; Cheng J
2013Integrative identification of EBV-associated variations at genomic, epigenomic and transcriptomic levels in gastric cancer.<b>Liang Q</b>(#); Yao X; Tang S; Yau TO; Zhao J; Sung JJ; Yu J
2015Modeling net ecosystem metabolism influenced by artificial hydrological regulation: An application to the Yellow River Estuary, ChinaTang S; Sun T(); Shen XM; Qi M; Feng ML
2015Protection of the brain following cerebral ischemia through the attenuation of PARP-1-induced neurovascular unit damage in ratsZhang RX; Tang S; Huang WW; Liu XM; Li GH; Chi H; Zhu MJ; Tang JY
2016Short-term Response of Aquatic Metabolism to Hydrological Pulse in the Coastal Wetlands of Yellow River DeltaShen XM; Sun T(); Tang S; Yang W
2016Site-specific water quality criteria for aquaticecosystems: A case study of pentachlorophenol for Tai Lake, China.Chen Y; Yu SY; Tang S; Li YB; Liu HL; Zhang XH; Su GY; Li B; Yu HX; Giesy J
2015Suppression of tumor angiogenesis by metformin treatment via a mechanism linked to targeting of HER2/HIF-1α/VEGF secretion axis.Wang J; Li G; Wang Y; Tang S; Sun X; Feng X; Li Y; Bao G; Li P; Mao X; Wang M; Liu P.