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2014A common GSAP promoter variant contributes to Alzheimer's disease liability.Zhu M; Tao Y; He Q; Gao H; Song F; Sun YM; Li HL; Wu ZY; David Saffen
2015Ci antagonizes Hippo signaling in the somatic cells of the ovary to drive germline stem cell differentiationLi C; Kan L; Chen Y; Zheng X; Li W; Zhang W; Cao L; Lin X; Ji S; Huang S; Zhang G; Liu X; Tao Y; Wu S; Chen D
2013Comparative proteomic study for profiling differentially expressed proteins between Chinese left- and right-sided colon cancersShen H; Huang J; Pei H; Tao Y; Zeng S; Shen L; Zhu H
2015Genetic polymorphisms of the sortase A gene andsocial-behavioural factors associated with caries in children: a case-controlstudyYu LX; Tao Y; Qiu RM; Zhou Y; Zhi QH; Lin HC
2015High-performance flexible Ag nanowire electrode with low-temperature atomic-layer-deposition fabrication of conductive-bridging ZnO filmDuan YH; Duan Y; Chen P; Tao Y; Yang YQ; Zhao Y
2015MiR-21 controls in situ expansion of CCR6+ regulatory T cells through PTEN/AKT pathway in breast cancerHu Y; Wang C; Li Y; Zhao J; Chen C; Zhou Y; Tao Y; Guo M; Qin N; Ren T; Wen Z; Xu L
2015Novel roles and therapeutic targets of Epstein-Barr virus-encoded latent membrane protein 1-inducedoncogenesis in nasopharyngeal carcinoma.Tao Y; Shi Y; Jia J; Jiang Y; Yang L; Cao Y
2015Opposed expression of IKKa: loss in keratinizing carcinomas and gain in non-keratinizing carcinomas.Xiao D; Jia J; Shi Y; Fu C; Chen L; Jiang Y; Zhou L; Liu S; Tao Y
2014Organizer-derived Bmp2 is required for the formation of a correct Bmp activity gradient during embryonicdevelopmentXue Y; Zheng X; Xu P; Ma Y; Tao QH; Tao Y; Meng AM
2015Repression of Hox genes by LMP1 in nasopharyngeal carcinoma and modulation of glycolytic pathway genes by HoxC8.Jiang Y; Yan B; Lai W; Shi Y; Xiao D; Jia J; Liu S; Li H; Lu J; Li Z; Chen L; Chen X; Sun L; Muegge Kathrin; Cao Y; Tao Y
2016Seed Priming in Dry Direct-seeded Rice: Consequences for Emergence, Seedling Growth and Associated Metabolic Events under Drought StressZheng M; Tao Y; Hussain S; Jiang Q; Peng S; Huang J; Cui K; Nie L
2013WD40 repeat-containing 62 overexpression as a novel indicator of poor prognosis for human gastric cancerZeng S; Tao Y; Huang J; Zhang S; Shen L; Yang H; Pei H; Zhong M; Zhang G; Liu T; Zhou M; Shen H