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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015A Novel Memristive Electronic Synapse-based Hermite Chaotic Neural Network with Application in CryptographyXinli Shi; Shukai Duan; Lidan Wang; Tingwen Huang; Chuandong Li.
-A Projection Neural Network with Time Delays for Solving Linear Variational Inequality Problems and Its ApplicationsChunlin Sha; Hongyong Zhao; Tingwen Huang; Wen Hu
2014A Weakly Connected Memristive Neural Network for Associative MemoryXin Wang; Chuandong Li; Tingwen Huang; Shukai Duan
2014Accelerating Airy-Gauss-Kummer localized wave packetsWei-Ping Zhong; Milivoj Belić; Yiqi Zhang; Tingwen Huang
2009Analysis of decision-making in economic chaos controlJian-guo Du; Tingwen Huang; Zhaohan Sheng
-Aperiodic sampled-data sliding-mode control of fuzzy systems with communication delaysvia the event-triggered methodShiping Wen; Tingwen Huang; Xinghuo Yu; Michael Z.Q. Chen; Zhi Gang Zeng
2013Average consensus in sensor networks via broadcast multi-gossip algorithmsHuiwei Wang; Xiaofeng Liao; Tingwen Huang
2015Chaotic Oscillations of Second Order Linear Hyperbolic Equations with Nonlinear Boundary Conditions: A Factorizable but Noncommutative CaseLiang Liang Li; Yu Huang; Goong Chen; Tingwen Huang
2015Circuit design and exponential stabilization of memristive neural networksShiping Wen; Tingwen Huang; Zhigang Zeng; Yiran Chen; Peng Li
2015Constrained consensus of asynchronous discrete-time multi-agent systems with time-varying topologyBo Zhou; Xiaofeng Liao; Tingwen Huang; Huiwei Wang; Guo Chen
2015Cooperative distributed optimization in multiagent networks with delaysHuiwei Wang; Xiaofeng Liao; Tingwen Huang; Chaojie Li
2015Distributed parameter estimation in unreliable WSNs: Quantized communication and asynchronous intermittent observationHuiwei Wang; Xiaofeng Liao; Tingwen Huang; Guo Chen
2015Diverting homoclinic chaos in a class of piecewise smooth oscillators to stable periodic orbits using small parametrical perturbationsHuaqing Li; Xiaofeng Liao; Junjian Huang; Guo Chen; Zhaoyang Dong; Tingwen Huang
2014Event-based control for memristive systemsShiping Wen; Zhigang Zeng; Tingwen Huang
2015Event-triggered asynchronous intermittent communication strategy for synchronization in complex dynamical networksHuaqing Li; Xiaofeng Liao; Guo Chen; David J. Hill; Zhaoyang Dong; Tingwen Huang
2015Event-Triggering Sampling Based Leader-FollowingHuaqing Li; Xiaofeng Liao; Tingwen Huang; Wei Zhu
2014Exponential Adaptive Lag Synchronization of Memristive Neural Networks via Fuzzy Method and Applications in Pseudorandom Number GeneratorsShiping Wen; Zhigang Zeng; Tingwen Huang; Yide Zhang
2012Exponential stability analysis of memristor-based recurrent neural networks with time-varying delaysShiping Wen; Zhigang Zeng; Tingwen Huang
2014Global exponential stability of a class of memristive neural networks with time-varying delaysXin Wang; Chuandong Li; Tingwen Huang; Shukai Duan
2015Lag synchronization of switched neural networks via neural activation function and applications in image encryptionShiping Wen; Zhigang Zeng; Tingwen Huang; Qinggang Meng; Wei Yao