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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012"Downstream Effect" of Winter Snow Cover over the Eastern Tibetan Plateau on Climate Anomalies in East AsiaXu; Xiangde(#)(); Guo; Jibing; Koike; Toshio; Liu; Yujie; Shi; Xiaohui; Zhu; Fucheng; Zhang; Shengjun
2015Automated Assembly of Vascular-Like Microtube With Repetitive Single-Step Contact ManipulationWang; Huaping(#); Huang; Qiang(); Shi; Qing; Yue; Tao; Chen; Shaoqi; Nakajima; Masahiro; Takeuchi; Masaru; Fukuda; Toshio
2016Batch Fabrication of Microscale Gear-Like Tissue by Alginate-Poly-L-lysine (PLL) Microcapsules SystemLiu; Zeyang(#); Takeuchi; Masaru; Nakajima; Masahiro; Fukuda; Toshio; Hasegawa; Yasuhisa; Huang; Qiang
2015Behavior modulation of rats to a robotic rat in multi-rat interactionShi; Qing(#); Ishii; Hiroyuki; Tanaka; Katsuaki; Sugahara; Yusuke; Takanishi; Atsuo; Okabayashi; Satoshi; Huang; Qiang; Fukuda; Toshio
2015Bending spring rate investigation of nanopipette for cell injectionShen; Yajing(); Zhang; Zhenhai; Fukuda; Toshio
2014Construction of vascular-like microtubes via fluidic axis-translation self-assembly based on multiple hydrogelsYue; Tao(); Nakajima; Masahiro; Takeuchi; Masaru; Huang; Qiang; Fukuda; Toshio
2015Design and Control of a Biomimetic Robotic Rat for Interaction With Laboratory RatsShi; Qing(#); Ishii; Hiroyuki; Sugahara; Yusuke; Takanishi; Atsuo; Huang; Qiang; Fukuda; Toshio
2015Dual-MWCNT Probe Thermal Sensor Assembly and Evaluation Based on Nanorobotic Manipulation inside a Field-Emission-Scanning Electron MicroscopeYang; Zhan(#); Wang; Pengbo(); Shen; Yajing; Chen; Tao; Chen; Liguo; Huang; Qiang; Sun; Lining; Fukuda; Toshio
2016Fall Detection and Prevention Control Using Walking-Aid Cane RobotDi; Pei(#); Hasegawa; Yasuhisa; Nakagawa; Shotaro; Sekiyama; Kosuke; Fukuda; Toshio; Huang; Jian; Huang; Qiang
2016High-Speed Bioassembly of Cellular Microstructures with Force Characterization for Repeating Single-Step Contact ManipulationWang; Huaping(#); Shi; Qing; Sun; Tao; Liu; Xiaoming; Nakajima; Masahiro; Huang; Qiang; Dario; Paolo; Fukuda; Toshio
2015Lab in a Droplet (LiD): Self-assembly of micro-nano structures inside a Droplet using surface tensionTakeuchi; Masaru(#)(); Ichikawa; Akihiko; Nakajima; Masahiro; Fukuda; Toshio; Hasegawa; Yasuhisa; Huang; Qiang
2015Magnetic assembly of microfluidic spun alginate microfibers for fabricating three-dimensional cell-laden hydrogel constructsSun; Tao(#); Huang; Qiang; Shi; Qing(); Wang; Huaping; Liu; Xiaoming; Seki; Minoru; Nakajima; Masahiro; Fukuda; Toshio
2014Micro-assembly of a Vascular-like Micro-channel with Railed Micro-robot Team-coordinated ManipulationWang; Huaping; Shi; Qing(); Yue; Tao; Nakajima; Masahiro; Takeuchi; Masaru; Huang; Qiang; Fukuda; Toshio
2016Microbubbles for High-Speed Assembly of Cell-Laden Vascular-Like MicrotubeLiu; Xiaoming(#); Shi; Qing; Wang; Huaping; Sun; Tao; Yu; Ning; Huang; Qiang; Fukuda; Toshio
2016Microfluidic device to measure the speed of C. elegans using the resistance change of the flexible electrodeJung; Jaehoon(#)(); Nakajima; Masahiro; Takeuchi; Masaru; Najdovski; Zoran; Huang; Qiang; Fukuda; Toshio
2016Micromanipulation for Coiling Microfluidic Spun Alginate Microfibers by Magnetically Guided SystemSun; Tao(#); Wang; Huaping; Shi; Qing; Takeuchi; Masaru; Nakajima; Masahiro; Huang; Qiang; Fukuda; Toshio
2016Novel in situ nanomanipulation integrated with SEM-CT imaging systemNakajima; Masahiro(#); Takeuchi; Masaru; Hisamoto; Naoki; Fukuda; Toshio; Hasegawa; Yasuhisa; Huang; Qiang
2015On-chip fabrication and magnetic force estimation of peapod-like hybrid microfibers using a microfluidic deviceSun; Tao(#); Hu; Chengzhi; Nakajima; Masahiro; Takeuchi; Masaru; Seki; Minoru; Yue; Tao; Shi; Qing(); Fukuda; Toshio; Huang; Qiang
2014On-chip self-assembly of cell embedded microstructures to vascular-like microtubesYue; Tao(); Nakajima; Masahiro; Takeuchi; Masaru; Hu; Chengzhi; Huang; Qiang; Fukuda; Toshio
2014Optimizing Multidam Releases in Large River Basins by Combining Distributed Hydrological Inflow Predictions with Rolling-Horizon Decision MakingWang; Lei(); Koike; Toshio; Ikeda; Maiko; Dang Ngoc Tinh; Nyunt; Cho Thanda; Saavedra; Oliver; Lan Chau Nguyen; Tran Van Sap; Tamagawa; Katsunori; Ohta; Tetsu