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2015Efficientphoto-degradation of dyes using CuWO4 nanoparticles with electron sacrificialagents: A combination of experimental and theoretical explorationX. Xie; M. Liu; C. Wang; L. Chen; J. Xu; Y. Cheng; H. Dong; F. Lu; W. -H. Wang; H. Liu; W. Wang
2015Electronic structure and ferromagnetism modulation in Cu/Cu2O interface: impact of interfacial Cu vacancy and its diffusionH. -B. Li; W. Wang; X. Xie; Y. Cheng; Z. Zhang; H. Dong; R. Zheng; W. -H. Wang; F. Lu; H. Liu
2015GaNas an Interfacial Passivation Layer: Tuning Band Offset and Removing FermiLevel Pinning for III–V MOS DevicesZ. Zhang; R. Cao; C. Wang; H. -B. Li; H. Dong; W. -H. Wang; F. Lu; Y. Cheng; X. Xie; H. Liu; K. Cho; R. Wallace; W. Wang
2015Pure and oxidized Ag substrate influence on the phase transformation and semiconducting behaviors of layered ZnO: a first-principles studyC. Wang; W. -H. Wang; F. Lu; Y. Cheng; L. Ren; W. Wang; H. Liu
2015Red-light emission induced by Mn-dopedmagnesium fluorogermanateJ. He; H. -B. Li; L. Yuan; C. Wang; Y. Cheng; W. -H. Wang; F. Lu; L. Li; W. Wang; H. Liu
2013Room-temperature ferromagnetism in nanocrystalline Cu/Cu2O core-shell structures prepared by magnetron sputteringH. -B. Li; X. Xie; W. Wang; Y. Cheng; W. -H. Wang; L. Li; H. Liu; G. Wen; R. Zheng
2015Room-temperature ferromagnetism induced by Cu vacancies in Cux(Cu2O)1-x granular filmsX. -J. Xie; H. -B. Li; W. -C. Wang; F. Lu; H. -Y. Yu; W. -H. Wang; Y. -H. Cheng; R. -K. Zheng; H. Liu