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2014Coexistence of toroidal and polar domains in ferroelectric systems: A strategy for switching ferroelectric vortexW. J. Chen; Yue Zheng; B. Wang; J. Y. Liu
2014Controllability of vortex domain structure in ferroelectric nanodot: Fruitful domain patterns and transformation pathsC. M. Wu; W. J. Chen; Yue Zheng; D. C. Ma; B. Wang; J. Y. Liu; C. H. Woo
2012Critical properties of nanoscale asymmetric ferroelectric tunnel junctions or capacitorsYue Zheng; W. J. Chen; X. Luo; B. Wang; C. H. Woo
2014Effect of mechanical loads on stability of nanodomains in ferroelectric ultrathin films: Towards flexible erasing of the non-volatile memoriesW. J. Chen; Yue Zheng; W. M. Xiong; X. Feng; B. Wang; Y. Wang
2014Electrocaloric properties of ferroelectric-paraelectric superlattices controlled by the thickness of paraelectric layer in a wide temperature rangeD. C. Ma; S. P. Lin; W. J. Chen; Yue Zheng; B. Wang
2015Electronic structure of a superconducting topological insulator Sr-doped Bi2Se3C. Q. Han(#); H. Li; W. J. Chen; Fengfeng Zhu; Meng-Yu Yao; Z. J. Li; M. Wang; <b>Bo F. Gao</b>(); D. D. Guan; Canhua Liu; C. L. Gao; Dong Qian(); Jin-Feng Jia
2015Exponential size-dependent tunability of strain on the transport behavior in ZnO tunnel junctions: an ab initio studyJ. Zhu; W. J. Chen; G. H. Zhang; Yue Zheng
2014Interfacial Nb-substitution induced anomalous enhancement of polarization and conductivity in BaTiO3 ferroelectric tunnel junctionsH. F. Li; Yue Zheng; W. J. Chen; B. Wang; G. H. Zhang
2015Large and tunable polar-toroidal coupling in ferroelectric composite nanowires toward superior electromechanical responsesW. J. Chen; Yue Zheng; B. Wang
2014Misfit strain-temperature phase diagrams and domain stability of asymmetric ferroelectric capacitors: Thermodynamic calculation and phase-field simulationW. J. Chen; Yue Zheng; B. Wang; D. C. Ma; C. M. Wu
2012Phase-field simulation of stress controlling the vortex domain structures in ferroelectric nanosheetsW. J. Chen; Yue Zheng; B. Wang
2014Pinning effects of dislocations on vortex domain structure in ferroelectric nanodotsW. J. Chen; Yue Zheng; B. Wang
2014Switchable diode effect in ferroelectric thin film: High dependence on poling process and temperatureZ. X. Li; X. L. Liu; W. J. Chen; X. Y. Zhang; Y. Wang; W. M. Xiong; Yue Zheng
2015Utilizing mechanical loads and flexoelectricity to induce and control complicated evolution of domain patterns in ferroelectric nanofilmsW. J. Chen; Yue Zheng; X. Feng; B. Wang
2015Vortex switching in ferroelectric nanodots and its feasibility by a homogeneous electric field: Effects of substrate, dislocations and local clamping forceW. J. Chen; Yue Zheng