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20082,5-Diphenyl-2,5,6,8-tetrahydro-1,2,4-triazolo[3,4-c][1,4]oxazin-4-ium hexafluoridophosphateJ. Wu; S. Wei; B. Liu; W. Wang; J. Lan
2015A compact wideband bandpass filter using a coupled-line quad-mode resonatorL. Nan; Y. Wu; W. Wang; S. Li; Y. Liu
2013A Nonlinear Creep Damage Model for Brittle Rocks Based on Time-dependent DamageR. B. Wang; W. Y. Xu; W. Wang; J. C. Zhang
2015A split SUSY model from SUSY GUTF. Wang; W. Wang; J. M. Yang
2015A wide-band 180-degree phase shifter using a pair of coupled-line stubsY. Wu; L. Yao; W. Wang; Y. Liu
2015A wide-band 180-degree phase shifter using a pair of coupled-line stubsY. Wu; L. Yao; W. Wang; Y. Liu
2015An event-driven QoI-aware participatory sensing framework with energy and budget constraintsB. Zhang; Z. Song; C. H. Liu; J. Ma; W. Wang
2015An Ex-Situ Nitridation Route to Synthesize Li3N-Modified Li Anodes for Lithium Secondary BatteriesY.J. Zhang; W. Wang; H. Tang; W.Q. Bai; X. Ge; X.L. Wang; C.D. Gu; J.P. Tu
2015An impedance-transforming coupled-line Wilkinson power divider with port isolations and extensionsY. Wu; L. Jiao; W. Wang; Y. Liu; Y. Siu
2012Applications of conjugate operators to determination of jumps for functionsX. L. Shi; W. Wang
2014Birth-date dependent arrangement of spinal enkephalinergic neurons: Evidence from the preproenkephalin-green fluorescent protein transgenic miceJ. Chen; J. Huang; Y.-Y. Wei; X.-X. Sun; W. Wang; L. Bai; Y.-Y. Wang; T. Kaneko; Y.-Q. Li; S.-X. Wu
2013Cantharidin as an Antitumor Agent: A Retrospective ReviewL.P. Deng,; J. Dong; H. Cai; W. Wang
2013Cantharidin as an Antitumor Agent: A Retrospective ReviewL.P. Deng; J. Dong; H. Cai; W. Wang
2013Carbon nanotube oscillators encapsulating a platinum nanocluster: A molecular dynamics studyS.M. Li; J. Wu; W. Wang; K.W. Zhang; X.Y. Peng; L.Z. Sun; J.X. Zhong
2014Disrupted topological properties of brain white matter networks in left temporal lobe epilepsy: A diffusion tensor imaging studyY. Xu; S. Qiu; J. Wang; Z. Liu; R. Zhang; S. Li; L. Cheng; Z. Liu; W. Wang; R. Huang
2014Effect of silica fume and fly ash on hydration and microstructure evolution of cement based composites at low water-binder ratiosZ.D. Rong; W. Sun; H.J. Xiao; W. Wang
2012Effects of the Synergy of Hardness and Resilience on the Akron Abrasion Properties of SBR VulcanizatesJ. T. Sun; W. Wang; P. Zhang; S. G. Zhao
2015Efficientphoto-degradation of dyes using CuWO4 nanoparticles with electron sacrificialagents: A combination of experimental and theoretical explorationX. Xie; M. Liu; C. Wang; L. Chen; J. Xu; Y. Cheng; H. Dong; F. Lu; W. -H. Wang; H. Liu; W. Wang
2015Efficiency analysis of magnetic resonance wireless power transfer with three dimensional transmittersJ. F. Zhao; X. L. Huang; W. Wang
2015Electronic structure and ferromagnetism modulation in Cu/Cu2O interface: impact of interfacial Cu vacancy and its diffusionH. -B. Li; W. Wang; X. Xie; Y. Cheng; Z. Zhang; H. Dong; R. Zheng; W. -H. Wang; F. Lu; H. Liu