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2015A comparative study of Cu2MnSnS4 thin films synthesized via different chemical methodsWang, X; Liu, TT; Guan H; Yu FL; Hou HJ
2007Alignment of amorphous carbon nanotubes with graphitized branches grown by radio frequency plasma-enhanced chemical vapor depositionLiu, J W; Wang, X; Zheng, W T; Li, J X; Guan, Q F; Su, Y D; Qi, J L; Jiang, Q
2015APLP1 promotes dFoxO-dependent cell death in Drosophila.Wang, X; Ma, Y; Zhao, Y; Chen, Y; Hu, Y; Chen, C; Shao, Y; Xue, L
2011Compact Butler matrix using composite right/left handed transmission lineXu, H.-X.; Wang, G.-M.; Wang, X
2015Decreased autophagy: a major factor for cardiomyocyte death induced by beta1-adrenoceptor autoantibodies.Wang, L; Hao, H; Wang, J; Wang, X; Zhang, S; Du, Y; Lv, T; Zuo, L; Li, Y; Liu, H
2013Differential expression and localization of dentin matrix protein 1 ( DMP1 ) fragments in mouse submandibular glandsLi, C; Xie, X; Wang, X; Sun, Y; Liu, P; Chen, L; Qin, C
2009Digital and Multirate Signal Processing - Local Integral Mean-Based Sifting for Empirical Mode DecompositionHong, H; Wang, X; Tao, Z
2012Downregulation of IRS-1 promotes metastasis of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma.Luo, X; Fan, S; Huang, W; Zhai, S; Ma, Z; Li, P; Sun, S-Y; Wang, X
2012Edge-Based Perceptual Image CodingNiu, Y.; Wu, X.; Shi, G.; Wang, X
2009Effect of Nb-doping on the structure, magnetic, and mechanical properties for Fe-N films synthesized by facing-targets magnetron sputteringMa, N; Zheng, W T; Wang, X; Wang, L L
2015Effects of transgenic soybean on growth and phosphorus acquisition in mixed culture systemXie, J; Zhou, J; Wang, X; Liao, H.
2011Efficient Routing on Large Road Networks Using Hierarchical CommunitiesSong, Q.; Wang, X
2015Enhanced m1/m2 macrophage ratio promotes orthodontic root resorption.He, D; Kou, X; Luo, Q; Yang, R; Liu, D; Wang, X; Song, Y; Cao, H; Zeng, M; Gan, Y; Zhou, Y
2009Facile route to straight SnO2 nanowires and their optical propertiesLi, P G; Lei, M; Tang, W H; Guo, X; Wang, X
2009Facile synthesis of well-aligned ZnO nanowire arrays and their photoluminescence propertiesLi, P G; Wang, X; Tang, W H
2010Geometric measure of quantum discord under decoherenceLu, X-M.; Xi, Z.; Sun, Z.; Wang, X
2016HMGB1 promotes hepatitis C virus replication by interaction with the stem-loop 4 inviral 5′ untranslated regionYang, D; Yu, R; Lei, S; Wang, X; Meng, X; Xue, B; Zhu, H
2011Horizon-Varying Model Predictive Control for Accelerated and Controlled Cooling ProcessZheng, Y.; Li, S.; Wang, X
2014Inactivation of Fam20C in Cells Expressing Type I Collagen Causes Periodontal Disease in MiceLiu, P; Zhang, H; Liu, C; Wang, X; Chen, L; Qin, C
2007Influence of various substrate materials on the structure and magnetic properties of Fe-N thin films deposited by DC magnetron sputteringWang, L L; Wang, X; Ma, N; Zheng, W T; Jin, D H; Zhao, Y Y