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2015A paleodietary and subsistence strategy investigation of the Iron AgeTuoba Xianbei site by stable isotopic analysis: A preliminary study of the roleof agriculture played in pastoral nomad societies in northern ChinaZhang G; Hu Y; Wang L; Cao C; Li X; Wu X; Sun Z; Chen F; Bai J; Lv P; Song G; Wang C; Richards M
2014A TiO2-Au-polymer hybrid system for photoelectrochemical immunoassay of SirT1An Y; Fu Y; Lu D; Wang Y; Bi W; Xu Z; Dong S; Zhang S; Wang C; Zhang W
2015Alterations in heart rate and activity rhythms of three orbital astronauts on a space missionLiu Z; Wan Y; Zhang L; Wang D; Lv K; Wang C; Li Y; Chen X; Chen S; Guo J
2015Annexin A2 knockdown inhibits hepatoma cell growth and sensitizes hepatoma cells to 5fluorouracil by regulating betacatenin and cyclin D1 expression.Wang C; <strong>Guo Y</strong>; Wang J; Min Z
2014Antimicrobial activity of the imipenem/rifampicin combination against clinical isolates of Acinetobacter baumannii grown in planktonic and biofilm culturesWang Y; Bao W; Guo N; Chen H; Cheng W; Jin K; Shen F; Xu J; Zhang Q; Wang C; An Y; Zhang K; Wang F; Yu L(并列通讯作者)
2014Antitumor efficacy of DMSA modified Fe3O4 magnetic nanoparticles combined with arsenic trioxide and adriamycin in Raji cells.Cai X; Wang C; Chen B; Hua W; Sheng F; Yu L; He Z; Shi Y; Chen Y; Xia G; Cheng J; Bao W; Zhang Y; Wang X
2015Association Study between an SNP in CD147 and Its Expression With Acute Coronary Syndrome in a Jiangsu Chinese PopulationYan J; Mao Y; Wang C; Wang Z
2015Associations between species distribution patterns and soil salinity in the Songnen grasslandBaba D; Gao YZ; Li YH; Wang C; Sun BR; Asch F; Zhou DW
2015Bacterial diversity is strongly associated with historical penguin activity in an Antarctic lake sediment profileZhu RB; Shi Y; Ma DW; Wang C; Xu H; Chu HY
2015CD137 Regulates NFATc1 Expression in Mouse VSMCs through TRAF6/NF-κB p65 Signaling PathwayYan J; Yin Y; Zhong W; Wang C; Wang Z
2014Cell Fate Factor DACH1 Represses YB-1-mediated Oncogenic Transcription and TranslationWu K; Chen K; Wang C; Jiao X; Wang L; Zhou J; Wang J; Li Z; Addya S; Sorensen PH; Lisanti MP; Quong A; Ertel A; Pestell RP
2015Characteristics ofTCRζ, ZAP-70 and FcεRIγ gene expression in patients with T and NK/T celllymphomaLiao Z; Zhou L; Wang C; He Z; Wang X; Luo X; Chen S; Yang L; Tan H; Li Y
2014Characterization of EGFR family geneaberrations in cholangiocarcinoma.Yang X; Wang W; Wang C; Wang L; Yang M; Qi M; Su H; Sun X; Liu Z; Zhang J; Qin X; Bo Han
2015Chinese medicine Tongxinluo increases tight junction protein levels by inducing KLF5 expression in microvascular endothelial cells.Li LM; Zheng B; Zhang RN; Jin LS; Zheng CY; Wang C; Zhou PP; Guo ZW; Ma D; Wen JK
2015Clinical significance of ALDH2 rs671 polymorphism in esophageal cancer: evidence from 31 case-control studiesZhao T; Wang C; Shen L; Gu D; Xu Z; Zhang X; Xu Y
2015Clinicopathological features and prognostic implications of Raf kinase inhibitor protein downregulation in tongue squamous cell carcinomaHu F(#); Chen X; Liu X; Wang C; Lv L; Xie N; Wang T; Huang H()
2014Comparative proteomic study reveals 17β-HSD13 as a pathogenic protein in nonalcoholic fatty liver diseaseSu W; Wang Y; Jia X; Wu W; Li L; Tian X; Li S; Wang C; Xu H; Cao J; Han Q; Xu S; Chen Y; Zhong Y; Zhang X; Liu P; Gustafsson JÅ; Guan Y
2015Correlation between osteocalcin positive endothelial progenitor cells and spotty calcification in patients with coronary artery diseaseZhang H; Wang L; Si D; Wang C; Yang J; Jiang P; Du C; Wang J
2015DBGC:A Database of Human Gastric Cancer.Wang C; Zhang J; Cai M; Zhu Z; Yu Y; Zhang X.
2015Different downstream signalling of CCK1 receptors regulates distinct functions of CCK in pancreatic beta cells.Ning SL; Zheng WS; Su J; Liang N; Li H; Zhang DL; Liu CH; Dong JH; Zhang ZK; Cui M; Hu QX; Chen CC; Liu CH; Wang C; Pang Q; Chen YX; Yu X; Sun JP