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20151α ,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D3 inhibits the differentiation and bone resorption by osteoclasts generated from Wistar rat bone marrow-derived macrophagesWang D; Gu JH; Chen Y; Zhao HY; Liu W; Song RL; Bian JC; Liu XZ; Yuan Y; Liu ZP
2013A Feedback Loop Consisting of MicroRNA 23a/27a and the β-Like Globin Suppressors KLF3 and SP1 Regulates Globin Gene ExpressionMa Y; Wang B; Jiang F; Wang D; Liu H; Yan Y; Dong H; Wang F; Gong B; Zhu Y; Dong L; Yin H; Zhang Z; Zhao H; Wu Z; Zhang J; Zhou J; Yu J
2015A novel size-based sorting mechanism of pinocytic luminal cargoes in microglia.Chen C; Li HQ; Liu YJ; Guo ZF; Wu HJ; Li X; Lou HF; Zhu L; Wang D; Li XM; Yu L; Cao X; Lu L; Gao Z; Duan S
2015A recombinant slow-release PACAP-derived peptide alleviates diabetes by promotingboth insulin secretion and actionsMa Y; Fang S; Zhao S; Wang X; Wang D; Ma M; Luo T; Hong A
2014A sponsored supplement to Science: Human performance in space - advancing astronautics research in ChinaWang D; Zhang L; Liang X; Shen H; Chen X; Wan Y; Guo J
2015Aberrant regulation of the LIN28A/LIN28B and let-7 loop in human malignant tumors and its effects on the hallmarks of cancer.Wang T(#); Wang G; Hao D; Liu X; Wang D; Ning N; Li X
2014Adaptive Distance Metric Learning for Diffusion Tensor Image SegmentationKong Y; Wang D; 朱昭颖; Chu WCW
2014Adaptive MPC for ozone dosing process of drinking water treatment based on RBF modelingWang D; Li S; Yang J; You Z; Zhou X
2015Alterations in heart rate and activity rhythms of three orbital astronauts on a space missionLiu Z; Wan Y; Zhang L; Wang D; Lv K; Wang C; Li Y; Chen X; Chen S; Guo J
2015Altered Gravity Simulated by Parabolic Flight and Water Immersion Leads to Decreased Trunk MotionWang P; Wang Z; Wang D; Tian Y; Li F; Zhang S; Zhang L; Guo Y
2015An indica rice genotype showed a similar yield enhancement to that of hybrid rice under free air carbon dioxide enrichmentChunwu Zhu; Xi Xu; Wang D; Jianguo Zhu; Gang Liu
2015Angiopoietin-1 levels predict a good functional outcome within 72 h of an aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage: A prospective study from a single centerZhang JN; Tian Y; Wang D; Wei H; Zhao Z; Jiang R; Yue S; Zhang J
2015APOEGenotype Affects Cognitive Training Response in Healthy ShanghaiCommunity-Dwelling Elderly IndividualsFeng W; Yokoyama JS; Yu S; Chen Y; Cheng Y; Bonham LW; Wang D; Shen Y; Wu W; Li C
2014Artemisinin mimics calorie restriction to initiate antioxidative responses and compromise telomere shorteningWang D; Wu M; Li S; Gao Q; Zeng QP
2014Artemisinin mimics calorie restriction to initiate antioxidative responses and compromise telomere shorteningWang D; Wu M; Li S; Gao Q; Zeng QP()
2015Aspirin inhibits degenerative changes of aneurysmal wall in a rat modelLi SJ; Wang DH; Tian Y; Wei HJ; Zhou ZW; Liu L; Wang D; Dong JF; Jiang RC; Zhang JN
2014Autophagy: a potential novel mechanistic contributor to atrial fibrillationYuan Y; Zhao J; Yan S; Wang D; Zhang S; Yun F; Zhao H; Sun L; Liu G; Ding X; Liu L; Li Y
2013Brown adipose tissue transplantation improves whole-body energy metabolism.Liu X; Zheng Z; Zhu X; Meng M; Li L; Shen Y; Chi Q; Wang D; Zhang Z; Li C; Li Y; Xue Y; Speakman JR; Jin W
2015Brown Adipose Tissue Transplantation Reverses Obesity in Ob/Ob MiceLiu x; Wang S; You Y; Meng M; Zheng Z; Dong M; Lin J; Zhao Q; Zhang C; Yuan X; Hu T; Liu L; Huang Y; Zhang L; Wang D; Zhan J; Lee H-J; Speakman JR; Jin W
2015Cabergoline Reduces Serum Luteinizing Hormone andSperm Quality in Male Rattus losea.Qin J; Su Q Q; Wang D; Shi D Z; Cao Y S; Liu Q S