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2014A case study of remaining storage life prediction using stochastic filtering with the influence of condition monitoringWang Zhaoqiang; Hu Changhua; Wang Wenbin; Zhou Zhijie; Si Xiaosheng
2015A prognostic-information-based order-replacement policy for a non-repairable critical system in serviceWang Zhaoqiang; Wang Wenbin; Hu Changhua; Si Xiaosheng; Zhang Wei
2013A Wiener-process-based degradation model with a recursive filter algorithm for remaining useful life estimationSi Xiaosheng; Wang Wenbin; Chen Maoyin; Hu Changhua; Zhou Donghua
2014Estimating remaining useful life with three-source variability in degradation modellingSi Xiaosheng; Wang Wenbin; Hu Changhua; Zhou Donghua
2015Five decades of changes in the glaciers on the Friendship Peak in the Altai Mountains, China: changes in area and ice surface elevationWang Puyu; Li Zhongqin; Luo Shufei; Bai Jinzhong; Huai Baojuan; Wang Feiteng; Li Huilin; Wang Wenbin; Wang Lin
2015Glacier changes in the Sikeshu River basin, TienShan MountainWang Lin; Wang Feiteng; Li Zhongqin; Wang Wenbin; Li Huilin; Wang Puyu
2016Glacier shrinkage in the Daxue and Danghenan ranges of the western Qilian Mountains, China, from 1957 to 2010Wang Puyu; Li Zhongqin; Yu Guobin; Li Huilin; Wang Wenbin; Huai Baojuan; Zhou Ping; Jin Shuang; Wang Lin; Zhang Hui
2015Glacier volume estimation from ice-thickness data, applied to the Muz Taw glacier, Sawir Mountains, ChinaHuai Baojuan; Li Zhongqin; Wang Feiteng; Wang Wenbin; Wang Puyu; Li Kaiming
2015Recent changes of two selected glaciers in Hami Prefecture of eastern Xinjiang and their impact on water resourcesWang Puyu; Li Zhongqin; Zhou Ping; Wang Wenbin; Jin Shuang; Li Huilin; Wang Feiteng; Yao Hongbing; Zhang Hui; Wang Lin
2015Spatial variability of glacier changes and their effects on water resources in the Chinese Tianshan Mountains during the last five decadesWang Puyu; Li Zhongqin; Huai Baojuan; Wang Wenbin; Li Huilin; Wang Lin