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2015A Haplotype of Two Novel Polymorphisms in delta-Sarcoglycan Gene Increases Risk of Dilated Cardiomyopathy in Mongoloid Population.Chen J; Jin Y; Wang H; Wei SS; Chen D; Ying L; Zhou Q; Li G; Li J; Gao J; Kato N; Hu W; Li YG; Wang YP
2014Assessment of DNA methylation changes in tissue culture of Brassica napusGao YN; Ran LP; Kong YQ; Jiang JJ; Sokolov V; Wang YP
2015Impact of phosphomimetic and non-phosphorylatable mutations of phospholemman on L-type calcium channels gating in HEK 293T cells.Guo K; Wang YP; Zhou ZW; Jiang YB; Li W; Chen XM; Li YG
2015Metabolic characteristics inmeal of black rapeseed and yellow-seeded progeny of Brassica napus-Sinapis alba hybridsJiang JJ; Wang Y; Xie T; Li AM; Fang YJ; Wang YP
2013Resveratrol protects rabbit ventricular myocytes against oxidative stress-induced arrhythmogenic activity and Ca2+ overloadLi W; Wang YP; Gao L; Zhang PP; Zhou Q; Xu QF; Zhou ZW; Guo K; Chen RH; Yang HT; Li YG
2015Sanguinarine Inhibits Rac1b-rendered Enhancement inCell Survival by Promoting Apoptosis and Blocking ProliferationYing L; Li G; Wei SS; Wang H; An P; Wang X; Gou K; Luo XJ; Gao JM; Zhou Q; Li W; Yu Y; Li YG; Duan JL; Wang YP
-Semaphorin 3a transfection into the left stellate ganglion reduces susceptibility to ventricular arrhythmias after myocardial infarction in ratsYang LC; Zhang PP; Chen XM; Li CY; Sun J; Hou JW; Chen RH; Wang YP; Li YG
2013Systematic Functional Comparative Analysis of Four Single-Stranded DNA-Binding Proteins and Their Affection on Viral RNA MetabolismShi HY; Zhang YH; Zhang GH; Guo JL; Zhang X; Song HY; Lv JX; Gao JM; Wang YP; Chen LT; Wang Y
2015The integrationcharacteristics of the exogenous growth hormone gene in a transgenic commoncarp (Cyprinus carpio L.) withfast-growth performanceChen J; Luo Q; Bao HR; Liao LJ; Li YM; Zhu ZY; Wang YP; Hu