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2015Analysis of several loci from genome-wide association studies in Parkinson's disease in mainland ChinaLiu ZH; Guo JF; Li K; Wang YQ; Kang JF; Wei Y; Sun QY; Xu Q; Wang DL; Xia K; Yan XX; Xu CS; Tang BS
2016Beneficial soil microbe Bacillus subtilis (GB03) promotes seed germination, growth and photosynthesis in Codonopsis pilosulaWu YN; Feng YL; Paré PW; Chen YL; Xu R; Wu S; Wang SM; Zhao Q; Li HR; Wang YQ; Zhang JL
2015Fasting activated histaminergic neurons and enhanced arousal effect of caffeine in mice.Wang YQ; Li R; Wu X; Zhu F; Takata Y; Zhang Z; Zhang MQ; Li SQ; Qu WM
2015Herpessimplex virus-1 infection or Simian virus 40-mediated immortalization ofcorneal cells causes permanent translocation of NLRP3 to the nuclei.Wang SL; Zhao G; Zhu W; Dong XM; Liu T; Li YY; song wg; Wang YQ
2015Linked polymorphisms of PNPLA3 confer susceptibility to nonalcoholic steatohepatitis and decreased viral load in chronic hepatitis B.Pan Q; Zhang RN; Wang YQ; Zheng RD; Mi YQ; Liu WB; Shen F; Chen GY; Lu JF; Zhu CY; Zhang SY; Chen YM; Sun WL; Fan JG.
2016Norepinephrine induced epithelial-mesenchymal transition in HT-29 and A549 cells in vitroZhang J; Deng YT; Liu J; Wang YQ; Yi TW; Huang BY; He SS; Zheng B; Jiang Y
2015Pathogenic characteristics of Marek’s disease virus field strains prevalent inChinaand the effectiveness of existing vaccines against themZhang YP; Li ZJ; Bao KY; Lv HC; Gao YL; Gao HL; Qi XL; Cui HY; Wang YQ; Wang XM; Liu CJ
2015REM sleep disturbances in depression.Wang YQ; Li R; Zhang Z; Zhang MQ; Qu WM; Huang ZL
2014Soil microbe Bacillus subtilis (GB03) induces biomass accumulation and salt tolerance with lower sodium accumulation in wheatZhang JL; Aziz M; Qiao Y; Han QQ; Li J; Wang YQ; Shen X; Wang SM; Paré PW
2015The single nucleotide polymorphism Rs12817488 is associated with Parkinson's disease in the Chinese populationYu RL; Guo JF; Wang YQ; Liu ZH; Sun ZF; Zhang Y; Yan XX; Tang BS