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2014"Candidatus Sonnebornia yantaiensis", a member of the candidate division OD1, as intracellular bacteria of the ciliated protist Paramecium bursaria (Ciliophora, Oligohymenophorea)Gong, Jun; Qing, Yao; Guo, Xiaohong; Warren, Alan
2015A molecular phylogenetic investigation of Bakuella, Anteholosticha and Caudiholosticha (Protista, Ciliophora, Hypotrichia) based on three-gene sequencesLv, Zhao; Shao, Chen; Yi, Zhenzhen; Warren, Alan
2013A redescription of the oxytrichid Tetmemena pustulata (Muller, 1786) Eigner, 1999 and notes on morphogenesis in the marine urostylid Metaurostylopsis salina Lei et al., 2005 (Ciliophora, Hypotrichia)Shao, Chen; Pan, Xuming; Jiang, Jiamei; Ma, Honggang; Al-Rasheid, Khaled A. S.; Warren, Alan; Lin, Xiaofeng
2011The Diversity of Scuticociliates (Protozoa, Ciliophora): A Report on Eight Marine Forms Found in Coastal Waters of China, with a Description of One New SpeciesFan, Xinpeng; Lin, Xiaofeng; Al-Rasheid, Khaled A S.; Al-Farraj, Saleh A.; Warren, Alan; Song, Weibo
2013Establishment of a new hypotrichous genus, Heterotachysoma n. gen. and notes on the morphogenesis of Hemigastrostyla enigmatica (Ciliophora, Hypotrichia)Shao, Chen; Ding, Yan; Al-Rasheid, Khaled A.; Al-Farraj, Saleh A.; Warren, Alan; Song, Weibo
2014Further insights into the phylogeny of two ciliate classes Nassophorea and Prostomatea (Protista, Ciliophora).Zhang, Qianqian; Yi, Zhenzhen; Fan, Xianpeng; Warren, Alan; Gong, Jun; Song, Weibo
2015Genome of the facultative scuticociliatosis pathogen Pseudocohnilembus persalinus provides insight into its virulence through horizontal gene transferXiong, Jie; Wang, Guangying; Cheng, Jun; Tian, Miao; Pan, Xuming; Warren, Alan; Jiang, Chuanqi; Yuan, Dongxia; Miao, Wei
2014Molecular Phylogeny and Taxonomy of Two Novel Brackish Water Hypotrich Ciliates, with the Establishment of a New Genus, Antiokeronopsis gen. n. (Ciliophora, Hypotrichia)Fan, Yangbo; Pan, Ying; Huang, Jie; Lin, Xiaofeng; Hu, Xiaozhong; Warren, Alan
2013Morphogenesis and molecular phylogeny of a new freshwater ciliate, Notohymena apoaustralis n. sp (Ciliophora, Oxytrichidae)Lv, Zhao; Chen, Lan; Chen, Lingyun; Shao, Chen; Miao, Miao; Warren, Alan
2014Morphogenesis of a unique pseudourostylid ciliate, Trichototaxis songi (Ciliophora, Urostylida)Shao, Chen; Lv, Zhao; Jin, Lipei; Warren, Alan
2011Morphological Redescription and Morphogenesis of Urosoma macrostyla (Wrzesniowski, 1866) Berger, 1999 (Ciliophora, Hypotrichida)Qin, Yuhong; Qiu, Zijian; Shao, Chen; Warren, Alan; Shen, Zhuo
2012Morphology and ontogenesis of a marine ciliate, Euplotes balteatus (Dujardin, 1841) Kahl, 1932 (Ciliophora, Euplotida) and definition of Euplotes wilberti nov spec.Pan, Ying; Li, Liqiong; Shao, Chen; Hu, Xiaozhong; Ma, Honggang; Al-Rasheid, Khaled A. S.; Warren, Alan
2012Morphology and Ontogenesis of a Marine Ciliate, Euplotes balteatus (Dujardin, 1841) Kahl, 1932 (Ciliophora, Euplotida) and Definition of Euplotes wilberti nov. specPan, Ying; Li, Liqiong; Shao, Chen; Hu, Xiaozhong; Ma, Honggang; Ai-Rasheid, Khaled A S; Warren, Alan
2013Morphology and Phylogeny of Three New Loxophyllum Species (Ciliophora, Pleurostomatida) from Mangrove Wetlands of Southern ChinaWu, Lei; Chen, Ruimin; Yi, Zhenzhen; Li, Jiqiu; Warren, Alan; Lin, Xiaofeng
2013Morphology and SSU rRNA gene-based phylogeny of two Diophrys-like ciliates from northern china, with notes on morphogenesis of Pseudodiophrys nigricans (Protozoa, Ciliophora)Fan, Yangbo; Warren, Alan; Al-Farraj, Saleh A.; Chen, Xumiao; Shao, Chen
2015Morphology, morphogenesis and molecular phylogeny of a soil ciliate,Pseudouroleptus caudatus caudatus Hemberger, 1985 (Ciliophora,Hypotricha), from Lhalu Wetland, TibetChen, Lingyun; Zhao, Xiaolu; Ma, Honggang; Warren, Alan; Shao, Chen; Huang, Jie
-New considerations on the phylogeny of cyrtophorian ciliates (Protozoa, Ciliophora): expanded sampling to understand their evolutionary relationshipsChen, Xiao; Pan, Hongbo; Huang, Jie; Warren, Alan; Al-Farraj, Saleh A.; Gao, Shan
2010Parabirojimia multinucleata spec. nov. and Anteholosticha scutellum (Cohn, 1866) Berger, 2003, marine ciliates (Ciliophora, Hypotrichida) from tropical waters in southern China, with notes on their small-subunit rRNA gene sequencesChen, Xiangrui; Gao, Shan; Song, Weibo; Al-Rasheid, Khaled A. S.; Warren, Alan; Gong, Jun; Lin, Xiaofeng
2015Reconsideration of the ‘well-known’ hypotrichous ciliate Pleurotricha curdsi (Shi et al., 2002) Gupta et al., 2003 (Ciliophora, Sporadotrichida), with notes on its morphology, morphogenesis and molecular phylogenyLu, Xiaoteng; Shao, Chen; Yu, Yuhe; Warren, Alan; Huang, Jie
2013Redescriptions of three trachelocercid ciliates (Protista, Ciliophora, Karyorelictea), with notes on their phylogeny based on small subunit rRNA gene sequencesYan, Ying; Xu, Yuan; Yi, Zhenzhen; Warren, Alan