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2012Comparison of fluorite geochemistry from REE deposits in the Panxi region and Bayan Obo, ChinaCheng Xu; Rex N.Taylor; Wenbo Li; Jindrich Kynicky; Anton R.Chakhmouradian; Wenlei Song
2016Experimental study of REE, Ba, Sr, Mo and W partitioning between carbonatitic melt and aqueous fluid with implicationsfor rare metal mineralizationWenlei Song; Cheng Xu
2015Genesis of Si-rich carbonatites in Huanglongpu Mo deposit, Lesser Qinling orogen, China and significance for Mo mineralizationWenlei Song; Cheng Xu; Liang Qi; Li Zhou; Linjun Wang; Jindrich Kynicky
2014Origin of carbonatites in the South Qinling orogen: Implications for crustal recycling and timing of collision between the South and North China BlocksCheng Xu; Anton R. Chakhmouradian; Rex N. Taylor; Jindrich Kynicky; Wenbo Li; Wenlei Song; Ian R. Fletcher
2011The origin of enriched mantle beneath North China block: Evidence from young carbonatitesCheng Xu; Rex N.Taylor; Jindrich Kynicky; Anton R.Chakhmouradian; Wenlei Song; Linjun Wang
2015Petrological and geochemical characteristics of Zhaibei granites in Nanling region, Southeast China: Implications for REE mineralizationLize Wang; Cheng Xu; Zheng Zhao; Wenlei Song; Jindrich Kynicky
2016Three-dimensional graphene skeletons supported nickel molybdate nanowire composite as novel ultralight electrode for supercapacitorsXiaozhi Liu; Ke Zhang; Baolin Yang; Wenlei Song; Qian Liu; Fei Jia; Shiyi Qin; Wanjun Chen; Zhenxing Zhang; Jian Li
2010A unique Mo deposit associated with carbonatites in the Qinling orogenic belt, central ChinaCheng Xu; Jindrich Kynicky; Anton R.Chakhmouradian; Liang Qi; Wenlei Song