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2015A case-control study of sudden unexplained nocturnal death syndrome in the southern Chinese Han populationZheng J; Huang E; Tang S; Wu Q; Huang L; Zhang D; Quan L; Liu C; Cheng J
2014A new series of HAPs as anti-HBV agents targeting at capsid assembly.Yang XY; Xu XQ; Guan H; Wang LL; Wu Q; Zhao GM; Li S.
2015A Novel Matrine Derivative WM130 Inhibits Activation of Hepatic Stellate Cells and Attenuates Dimethylnitrosamine-Induced Liver Fibrosis in Rats.Xu Y; Peng Z; Ji W; Li X; Lin X; Qian L; Li X; Chai X; Wu Q; Gao Q; Su C.
2012Association Between CASP8 and CASP10 Polymorphisms and Toxicity Outcomes With Platinum-Based Chemotherapy in Chinese Patients With Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer.Qian J; Qu HQ; Yang L; Yin M; Wang Q; Gu S; Wu Q; Zhao X; Wu W; Wu J; Tan X; Chen W; Wang H; Wang J; Fan W; Chen H; Han B; Lu D; Wei Q; Jin L
2012Association of CASP7 polymorphisms and survival of patients with non-small cell lung cancer with platinum-based chemotherapy treatment.Qian J; Gu S; Wu Q; Zhao X; Wu W; Gao Z; Zhang W; Tan X; Wang H; Wang J; Fan W; Chen H; Han B; Lu D; Wei Q; Jin L
2014B cell subsets and dysfunction of regulatory B cells in IgG4-related diseases and primary Sjogren's syndrome: the similarities and differences.Lin W; Jin L; Chen H; Wu Q; Fei Y; Zheng W; Wang Q; Li P; Li Y; Zhang W; Zhao Y; Zeng X; Zhang F
2014Biological role of Trichoderma harzianum-derived Plate-activate-factor Acetyl hydrolase (PAF-AH) on Stress response and antagonismYu CJ; Fan LL; Wu Q; Fu KH; Chen J
2013Colitis-accelerated colorectal cancer and metabolic dysregulation in a mouse model.Gao Y; Li X; Yang M; Zhao Q; Liu X; Wang G; Lu X; Wu Q; Wu J; Yang Y; Yang Y; Zhang Y
2013Decorin inhibits angiogenic potential of choroid-retinal endothelial cells by downregulating hypoxia-induced Met, Rac1, HIF-1a and VEGF expression in cocultured retinal pigment epithelial cellsDu S; Wang S; Wu Q; Hu J; Li T
2015Decorin Prevents Retinal Pigment Epithelial Barrier Breakdown Under Diabetic Conditions by Suppressing p38 MAPK ActivationWang S; Du S; Wu Q; Hu J; Li T
2015Distinct deformational history of two contrasting tectonic domains in the Chinese Altai: Their significance in understanding accretionary orogenic processZhang Jian(#); Sun Min; Schulmann K; Zhao G; Wu Q; Jiang Y; Guy A; Wang Y
2012Distribution of permafrost in China-An overview of existiong permafrost mapsRan H; Li X; Cheng G; Zhang T; Wu Q
2015Expression of aquaporin 1 and 4 in rats with acute hypoxic lung injuryand its significanceWu Y; Pan CY; Guo CZ; Dong ZJ; Wu Q; Dong HM; Zhang W
2015Genetic Variants of the MDM2 Gene Are Predictive of Treatment-Related Toxicities and Overall Survival in Patients With Advanced NSCLCQian J; Liu H; Gu S; Wu Q; Zhao X; Wu W; Wang H; Wang J; Chen H; Zhang W; Wei Q; Jin L; Lu D
2015Graphene-Induced Tiny Flowers of Organometallic Polymers with Ultrathin Petals for Hydrogen Peroxide SensingLiang GD; Zheng LM; Bao SP; Gao HY; Zhu FM; Wu Q
2015Growing Tiny Flowers of Organometallic Polymers along Carbon NanotubesLiang GD; Zheng LM; Bao SP; Fei B; Gao HY; Zhu FM; Wu Q
2015Icariin decreases both APP and Aβ levelsand increases neurogenesis in the brain of Tg2576 miceLi F; Dong HX; Gong QH; Wu Q; Jin F; Shi JS
2012In vitro effect of adenosine on the mRNA expression of Kir 2.1 and Kir 4.1 channels in rat retinal Müller cells at elevated hydrostatic pressure.Yu J; Chen C; Wang J; Cheng Y; Wu Q; Zhong Y; Shen X
2015Increased expression of colony stimulating factor-1 is a predictor of poor prognosis in patients with clear-cell renal cell carcinoma.Yang L; Wu Q; Xu L; Zhang W; Zhu Y; Liu H; Xu J; Gu J
2013Increased levels of plasma soluble Sema4D in patients with heart failureLu Q; Dong N; Wang Q; Yi W; Wang Y; Zhang S; Gu H; Zhao X; Tang X; Jin B; Wu Q; Brass LF; Zhu L