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201520(S)-ginsenoside Rg3 promotes senescence and apoptosis in gallbladder cancer cells via the p53 pathway.Zhang F; Li M; Wu X; Hu Y; Cao Y; Wang X; Xiang S; Li H; Jiang L; Tan Z; Lu W; Weng H; Shu Y; Gong W; Wang X; Zhang Y; Shi W; Dong P; Gu J; Liu Y
2014A conjugate Bayesian approach to control chart for multi-batch and low volumeproductionWu X; Miao R; Zhang X; Jiang Z; Chu X
2015A paleodietary and subsistence strategy investigation of the Iron AgeTuoba Xianbei site by stable isotopic analysis: A preliminary study of the roleof agriculture played in pastoral nomad societies in northern ChinaZhang G; Hu Y; Wang L; Cao C; Li X; Wu X; Sun Z; Chen F; Bai J; Lv P; Song G; Wang C; Richards M
2015A prognostic analysis of 895 cases of stageIII colon cancer in different colon subsitesZhang Y; Ma J; Zhang S; Deng G; Wu X; He J; Pei H; Shen H; Zeng S
2015A prognostic analysisof 895 cases of stage III colon cancer in different colon subsitesZhang Y; Ma J; Zhang S; Deng G; Wu X; He J; Pei H; 申竑; Zeng S
2014An intensity ratio of interlocking loops determines circadian period lengthYan J; Shi G; Zhang Z; Wu X; Liu Z; Xing L; Qu Z; Dong Z; Yang L; Xu Y
2015Antigen spreading-induced CD8+T cells confer protection against the lethal challenge of wild-type malignant mesothelioma by eliminating myeloid-derived suppressor cells.Yu Z; Tan Z; Lee BK; Tang J; Wu X; Cheung KW; Lo NT; Man K; Liu L; Chen Z
2013ATP regulates sodium channel kinetics in pancreatic islet beta-cellsZou N; Wu X; Jin YY; He MZ; Wang XX; Su LD; Rupnik M; Wu ZY; Liang L; Shen Y
2015C-Myc plays part in drug resistance mediated by bone marrow stromal cells in acute myeloid leukemiaXia B; Tian C; Guo S; Zhang L; Zhao D; Qu F; Zhao W; Wang Y; Wu X; Da W; Wei S; Zhang Y
2015C5b-9-targeted molecular MR imaging in rats with Heymann nephritis: a new approach in the evaluation of nephrotic syndrome.Huang Q; Wen S; Wang B; Wang Q; Guo C; Wu X; Zhang R; Yang R; Chen F; Wenbo Xiao
2012Clinical outcome of fresh and vitrified-warmed blastocyst and cleavage-stage embryo transfers in ethnic Chinese ART patientsTong GQ; Cao SR; Wu X; Zhang JQ; Cui J; Heng BC; Ling XF
2016Clinical profile of diabetic ketoacidosis in tertiary hospitalsin China: a multicentre, clinic-based studyXu Y; Bai J; Wang G; Zhong S; Su X; Huang Z; Chen G; Zhang J; Hou X; Yu X; Lu B; Wang Y; Li X; Hu H; Zhang C; Liang Y; Shaw J; Wu X
2014Contrasting elevational diversity patterns between eukaryotic soil microbes and plantsShen CC; Liang WJ; Shi Y; Lin XG; Zhang HY; Wu X; Xie G; Chain P; Grogan P; Chu HY
2015Cortical signature of patients with HBV-related cirrhosis without overt hepatic encephalopathy: a morphometric analysis.Wu X; Lv XF; Zhang YL; Wu HW; Cai PQ; Qiu YW; Zhang XL; Jiang GH
2014Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of 4-anilinothieno[2,3-d]pyrimidine-based hydroxamic acid derivatives as novel histone deacetylase inhibitors.Yang W; Li L; Ji X; Wu X; Su M; Sheng L; Zang Y; Li J; Liu H
2015Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of isoquinoline-basedderivatives as novel histone deacetylase inhibitorsYang W; Li L; Wang Y; Wu X; Li T; Yang N; Su M; Sheng L; Zheng M; Zang Y; Li J; Liu H
2015Developing anticancer copper(II) prodrugs basedon the nature of cancer cells and human serum albumin carrier IIA subdomainGou Y; Qi J; Ajayi JP; Zhang Y; Zhou Z; Wu X; 杨峰; H Liang
2013Dual roles of FBXL3 in the mammalian circadian feedback loops are important for period determination and robustness of the clockShi G; Xing L; Liu Z; Qu Z; Wu X; Dong Z; Wang X; Gao X; Huang M; Yan J; Yang L; Liu Y; Ptácek LJ; Xu Y
2014Early clinical features and diagnosis of Dravet syndrome in 138 Chinese patients with SCN1A mutations.Xu X; Zhang Y; Sun H; Liu X; Yang X; Xiong H; Jiang Y; Bao X; Wang S; Yang Z; Wu Y; Qin J; Lin Q; Wu X
2015Effects and Clinical Characteristics of Intracranial Pressure Monitoring-Targeted Management for Subsets of Traumatic Brain Injury: An Observational Multicenter StudyYuan Q; Wu X; Yu J; Sun Y; Li Z; Du Z; Mao Y; Zhou L; Hu J